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Strategic flood management

7. Documents

Along with the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy, we have produced many other documents. These are relevant both county-wide and for specific areas like Chesham, High Wycombe, Buckingham and Marlow.

Surface Water Management Plans (SWMP)

SWMPs outline the preferred surface water management strategies in a given location. Surface water flooding, describes flooding from:

  • sewers
  • drains
  • groundwater

It also includes runoff from land such as, small water courses and ditches that occur as a result of heavy rainfall. As such, SWMPs deal with all local sources of flooding.

The purpose of these plans is to identify sustainable responses to manage surface water flooding. They are also to prepare action plans for the areas concerned. The action plans help plan future decisions and funding applications.

Buckinghamshire County Council has produced several SWMPs:

  • A joint SWMP for Chesham and High Wycombe was written in 2011. Download the report and maps below.
  • The first phase of a SWMP for Buckingham was completed in 2013. The first phase report can be downloaded below. Given the low risk of flooding from local sources in Buckingham (which however does suffer from main river flooding), it was decided not to proceed with the second phase report.
  • The first phase of a SWMP for Marlow was produced in 2013, with the second phase report due to be completed during FY 2015/6. The first phase report can be downloaded below.

Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment

The Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment (PFRA) is a high-level review of past and potential future flooding events across the county. It is the first step in developing a flood management strategy for Buckinghamshire.

The report looks at local sources of flood risk, from surface runoff caused by intense rainfall, high groundwater levels, and out of bank flows from ordinary watercourses. The report contains maps of past floods, indications of future flood risk, and possible impacts on people and the environment. Download it below.

The PFRA is not intended for use as a source of information as to which properties are at risk of flooding. If you believe, or wish to ascertain, whether your property is at risk of flooding you must obtain independent advice or contact the Environment Agency.

Princes Risborough Groundwater Study

Princes Risborough has experienced a series of flood events in the past. Previous work has identified that groundwater contributed to these flood event. Probabilistic groundwater flood risk maps have therefore been produced to provide additional information to assist in flood risk management.

District Council Strategic Flood Risk Assessments

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires that Local Plans should be supported by a Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA). The SFRA identifies areas that may flood, taking into account all potential sources of flooding. It is used to inform planning policies and assist Local Planning Authorities in directing new development to areas of lower flood risk and ensure that new development helps to manage flood risk. These SFRAs are produced by the district councils; click on the links below to access them.


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Last updated: 12 March 2019

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