Set up a Flood Action Group

3/12/2019 11:11:34 AM

Flood Action Groups are made up of local residents, who are a voice for their community on flooding issues. They work with local authorities and agencies to find ways to help reduce flood risk.

There is no set format for Flood Action Groups, they consist of a small group of ten people who meet on a regular basis.

They meet regularly with relevant agencies such as the Environment Agency, the local councils and water companies, to discuss and solve local issues.

The National Flood Forum, a charity, has been involved with setting up groups around England and Wales, and provides detailed guidance on how to set up a Flood Action Group.

We are happy to provide advice and join meetings. There are already flood action groups in:

  • Aylesbury (Willows Estate)
  • Buckingham,
  • Chesham and
  • Hughenden Valley


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