How to deal with a flood

6. Flood Action Groups

Flood Action Groups are composed of local residents and are a representative voice for their community on flood-related issues working with local authorities and agencies to find ways to help reduce flood risk.

They have already proved very effective in other towns and villages across England and Wales in finding ways to reduce flood risk and have become an essential voice representing local people.

By working with organisations such as local authorities, the Environment Agency and water companies, the Groups have been successful in making a difference to flood risk and the impact of flooding on local communities. 

They can do things like:

  • Address concerns over a number of issues, for example highways infrastructure they feel is not working properly.
  • Have their finger on the pulse about plans for the community, for example potential works.
  • Be aware of what’s happening with regard to routine maintenance to help reduce flooding.
  • Be involved in discussions on the future of flood risk in their town or village.
  • Organise ‘flood watchers’ around the town.
  • Create wider awareness of the town’s flood risk.
  • Help reduce the impact on the community should a flood event occur.

Download a case study about the Flood Action Group that has been set up in Buckingham below.

How to set up your own Flood Action Group

There is no set format for Flood Action Groups, though typically they consist of a small core group of around ten people who meet on a regular basis.

They set up regular meeting with relevant agencies such as the Environment Agency, the local councils and water companies, to discuss issues they have identified locally and to come up with solutions together.

The National Flood Forum, a charity, has been involved with setting up multiple such groups around England and Wales, and provides detailed guidance on how to set up a Flood Action Group.

Communities are encouraged to contact the National Flood Forum for advice on starting up a Flood Action Group, and also to become affiliated to NFF.

As a council, we are also happy to provide advice and participate in multi-agency meetings. In Buckinghamshire, we are aware of the existence of flood groups in the following communities: The Willows Estate in Aylesbury, Buckingham, Chesham and the Hughenden Valley

Creating a community flood plan

Find out more about how to write and enact a community flood plan.


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Last updated: 12 March 2019

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