Protect your workplace

1. How to find out if your property is at risk of flooding

Map for flooding from surface water

'Risk of flooding from surface water'   

You can also do a search on the Land Registry, there is a cost.

Risk of flooding from groundwater

The Environment Agency publish reports for areas at risk.

Talk to your neighbours

If you're new to your area, ask if they know of any past flooding.

Read the local plans

  • Buckinghamshire Local Flood Risk Management Strategy
  • Surface Water Management Plans
  • Initial Flood Risk Assessment

2. Flood insurance

Check your current insurance policy

If you live in an area risk of flooding, check your policy to ensure you are covered.

Seek advice 

The Government has produced a guide on getting insurance in high risk areas.

National Flood Forum, will be able to give you advice on getting insurance.

Association of British Insurers’ website has more information on flooding and insurance.

3. Get flood warnings

There are three levels:

  • flood alerts (when flooding is possible)
  • flood warnings (when flooding is expected, you’re advised to take immediate action) 
  • severe flood warnings (when flooding is severe and is a danger to life).

The Met Office also issues weather warnings.

The Environment Agency publish monthly water situation reports, on their website.