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At risk of flooding

1. Find out if your property is at risk

The first thing to do is to get information about your property's flood risk.

Map for flooding from rivers

Use the 'Risk of flooding from rivers and the sea' map and enter your postcode to see if your property is at risk from what are known as ‘main rivers’.

Map for flooding from surface water

Use the 'Risk of flooding from surface water' map and enter your postcode to see if your property is at risk from surface water flooding.

You can also do a customised search on the Land Registry, though this will cost.

Risk of flooding from groundwater

The Environment Agency publish groundwater situation reports for specific areas at groundwater flooding risk.

There are currently no comprehensive or detailed maps for flood risk from groundwater, although we are working to better understand groundwater flooding.

However, the surface water map can give you a good idea of where groundwater will flow once it has emerged from the ground and effectively has become surface water.

Talk to your neighbours

If you're new to your area, ask your neighbours if they know of any past flooding problems.

You and your neighbours might also be able to help each other in there is a flood.

Read the local plans

  • Buckinghamshire Local Flood Risk Management Strategy,
  • Surface Water Management Plans
  • Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment 
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Last updated: 20 January 2017

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