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Ecology projects

6. Habitat mapping

The county is recognised for its rich and varied landscape and habitats. Ancient parkland, chalk grassland and beech woodland are just a few of the habitats making up our rich natural environment which make the area a prime location to live. The environment is coming under increasing pressure from development, climate and land management change, making understanding our natural surroundings a priority.

In partnership with Buckinghamshire and Milton Keyes Environmental Record centre, Milton Keynes Council and Natural England we have developed a habitat map covering all of rural Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes. It has a fine grain environmental assessment of the habitats present in the county. We have created a detailed record of the habitat types present, their management status and origin. The database holds information of well over 65,000 individual habitats.

The report gives an overview of the habitats present in the county, their distribution and underlying characteristics. Data is pooled into 5 administrative areas presenting a summary of the habitat resource for each district. This is a major step forward in our understanding and creates an important tool to conserve the natural environment.

We hope the project will help inform those involved in decision making related to our environment. The data can be used by local communities to provide awareness of the natural environment and act as an aid in decisions relating to their rural surroundings. The data can also be used as a basis for further research and provide a baseline for climate change studies.

The report can be downloaded below, alongside appendices with further information about the project. Hardcopies are available for £5. Contact us to order a copy

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Last updated: 6 April 2017

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