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The Convention of Biological Diversity 1993 is a legal framework for biodiversity conservation. It requires the creation and enforcement of strategies to conserve, protect and enhance biological diversity.

Biodiversity Partnership

The Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Biodiversity Partnership is made up of over 40 organisations - including local authorities, charities and community organisations. They work to protect and enhance local wildlife.

The partnership has 2 major projects:

1. Biodiversity Action Plan

This aims to create a landscape beneficial to both people and wildlife. It contains targets for habitat protection, management restoration and creation.

The partnership is also developing Biodiversity Opportunity Areas. It will work with landowners and local people to protect and enhance local wildlife habitats.  This will enable wildlife to spread through the area, adapt to climate change and reduce local extinctions.

2. Local wildlife sites

These are sites of local importance for nature conservation - they include grasslands, ponds, commons, wetlands, woodlands, hedgerows, green lanes and road verges, and are recognised within the local planning system.

The project aims to raise awareness of the importance of local wildlife sites and to help landowners manage their sites to increase their wildlife interest.

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Last updated: 12 March 2019

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