Post 16 Transport Policy Statement 2019/2020

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Last updated: 06 July 2021

Name of Local Authority: Buckinghamshire Council
Department Responsible: Children's Services


1. Summary

Local Authorities have a duty to prepare and publish an annual Transport Policy Statement (TPS) specifying the arrangements for the provision of transport or otherwise that the authority considers it necessary to make, to facilitate the attendance of all persons of sixth form age receiving education or training.

We are committed to ensuring that sixth form students (including those with Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) up to age 25 if they started a course before their 19th birthday) have access to educational opportunities at school, college or other training establishment, enabling them to get the knowledge, skills and experience necessary for them to pursue their chosen careers and, to meet the challenge of employment and personal development in the future.

This Policy Statement describes the help with transport costs that is available to Buckinghamshire sixth form aged students (including those with Education, Health and Care Plan up to age 25 if they started on course before their 19th birthday).

This statement is published in line with the statutory duties under the Education Act 1996, including s.509AA and s.509AB and takes into account the Department for Education statutory guidance - Post 16 transport to education and training - January 2019.


2. Travel options and costs

Details of all concessionary / free fares, discounts, subsidies, passes or travel cards available for learners aged 16-18 and who provides them, plus details of any costs to the learner.

The 16-19 Bursary Fund

A key priority of the Government is to close the gap in attainment between those from poorer and more affluent backgrounds, and to ensure every young person participates in and benefits from a place in 16-19 education and/or training.

Bursary for defined vulnerable groups
Bursaries of £1,200 a year are available for the most vulnerable groups. This includes:

  • young people in Care
  • care Leavers
  • young people claiming Income Support or Universal Credit because they are financially supporting themselves or supporting themselves and dependents
  • young people in receipt of Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment in their own right as well as Employment and Support Allowance or Universal Credit in their own right

The bursary is paid if young people meeting the above eligibility criteria are in financial need.

Discretionary bursaries

The rest of the fund is awarded on a discretionary basis by education institutions. Institutions decide how to use this funding and can award discretionary bursaries to any student that is facing genuine financial barriers to participation. Institutions set their own eligibility criteria, decide on how much is paid, and they set their own conditions for students to meet in order to receive a bursary; for example, linked to behaviour or attendance or help with travel costs.

To find out if you are eligible for a bursary please contact your school or college.

Bus and rail services

Most transport operators offer special tickets for students. Details are given below.


Arriva offer daily, weekly monthly and annual zone tickets for their buses.

Students are entitled to a student discount. Student NUS, ISIC, or College ID card and number will be needed to validate your ticket.

Chiltern Railways

Chiltern Railways offer season tickets for periods of a week, month, month + (a more flexible ticket) or a year.

Holders of monthly or longer Season Ticket or Travelcard Season Ticket valid to High Wycombe station can use their ticket for free travel on local Arriva buses within the High Wycombe urban area at any time of day, 7 days a week. Holders of monthly or longer Season Ticket or Travelcard Season Ticket valid to Aylesbury station you can use this ticket for free travel on local Arriva, Silver Rider, Water Rider and Purple Route 7 buses within the Aylesbury urban area at any time of day, 7 days a week.

Holders of monthly or longer Season Ticket or Travelcard Season Ticket valid to Aylesbury Vale Parkway station you can use your ticket for free travel at Monday to Friday peak times on Arriva bus 16 to/from Steeple Claydon, Westcott, Quainton and Waddesdon.

Carousel Buses

Buses offer daily, weekly and monthly zone tickets. There is a number of special discounts for Buckinghamshire College Group students.

For information on cost and availability, contact Carousel Buses.

16-25 Railcards

Railcards are available for full-time students between the age of 16 and 25 years. This allows holder to receive one-third off most off-peak rail fares.

Find out about the railcard discounts on the 16-25 railcard website.

Citizen Card

Buckinghamshire residents aged 16 and 17 are entitled to the 'Make More Citizen Card'. The Citizen Card entitles card holders to travel on buses at a reduced single fare within Arriva's Aylesbury and Wycombe zone and Carousel Buses' zones 1, 2 and 3.

The card is only valid for journey after 9am on weekdays and all day at weekends.

Read more information about the Yoti CitizenCard.

Other transport providers

Other transport providers may offer discount schemes, please contact them direct for details.

Schemes offered by colleges

The following colleges also operate their own schemes.

Buckinghamshire College Group (campuses at Aylesbury, Wycombe & Amersham)

The Buckinghamshire College Support Scheme can provide students with help to cover costs including travel costs. This is paid directly into a bank account. Students can apply for travel support if they are aged 16-19, live more than 3 miles away from Aylesbury College and have a household income of less than £28,000. This support is dependent upon 90% attendance by the student.

For more information, please see the Financial Support pages on the college Website.

The college also provides a number of bus services. Examples of the routes are:

  • Marlow to/from High Wycombe Campus (via Bourne End and Wooburn Green)
  • Princes Risborough to/from Amersham Campus (via Great Missenden)
  • High Wycombe town centre to/ from High Wycombe Campus
  • Hemel Hempstead to Amersham Campus
  • Chesham to High Wycombe Campus (via Amersham, Beaconsfield, Holtspur, Loudwater)
  • Shuttle between Amersham station and Amersham Campus

These services run at the beginning and the end of the day only and are intended for students for whom there is otherwise no suitable public bus or train service. The college also provides minibus transport for certain students who are eligible to receive support.

Berkshire College of Agriculture (BCA)

For students who travel from home every day, the college runs a subsidised transport service covering a wide area operating 20 routes in total. The service picks up from 10 mainline railway stations – Camberley, Reading, Slough, Maidenhead, Uxbridge, Amersham, Aylesbury, Bracknell, High Wycombe and Hounslow – with a total of 96 stops across the 20 routes.

More information on the Discretionary Learner Support Fund can be found on the Fees & Funding page of this website.

For those students who drive, we have extensive free car parking. Just register your vehicle with the transport department during enrolment. The college is continually reviewing its transport provision.

Henley College

The Henley College offers a number of services serving Buckinghamshire.

Contact Henley college for information about costs and fees.

Henley College
Telephone: 01491 634 006 or 01491 634 010

Information about the costs and fees can be found on the college website.

Other colleges

Other colleges may be able to assist with transport costs, for further information please contact the Student Services department of the college.

Buckinghamshire University Technical College (UTC)

Learners from low income households may be eligible to apply for help from the Bucks UTC.

For further information, visit the Bucks UTC’s website.
Telephone: 01296 388 450

Paid-for Travel Scheme for School Sixth Form / year 12 students:

Where there is spare capacity on home to school buses, places may be sold to 6th form learners who do not qualify for any other transport provision. The Paid-for Travel Scheme fare rate is available on the Paid-for school transport and Post-16 Transport web pages.

For more information and to apply for a place please see the paid-for school transport or contact Client and Public Transport team.


3. Support for learners

Support for learners, including those with learning difficulties and/or disabilities or those facing other difficulties in following their programme of learning.

Buckinghamshire Council's scheme

Students may be able to get help with travel if they live in the Buckinghamshire Council area and are unable to travel independently because they:

  • are unable to access a viable public transport system
  • have Special Educational Needs, a disability or mobility difficulty

You can join this scheme if you live in Buckinghamshire and:

  • are under 19 years of age or started a course before your 19th birthday and have an EHCP naming that provision
  • the programme of learning is full-time (i.e. at least 540 plus guided learning (planned and funded) hours per year)
  • are unable to access a viable public transport system due to your Special Educational Needs, disability or mobility difficulty
  • live more than 3 miles from the school / college (education provider), as measured by us, or you are unable to walk the distance to school / college because of Special Educational Needs, a disability or mobility difficulty
  • are attending the nearest establishment that provides the full time programme of learning or work placement that they wish to follow. Assistance with travel may be provided in exceptional circumstances to an establishment that is not the nearest, but is within a reasonable distance of the nearest establishment. In the case of a student with an EHCP the establishment must be named in the plan and if more than one is named, be the nearest to the home address

If you meet all of the above criteria and begin your current course prior to your 19th birthday we will provide travel assistance until you complete the current course.

Where a student has a learning difficulty or a disability, a transport needs assessment must be completed by the SEN team as part of the annual review process. Transport will be arranged / sourced appropriate to the student's needs.

A student / student’s family can apply to the council for help with transport costs for Post-16 education. The level and type of travel assistance will vary depending upon individual circumstances. A student / student’s family may already be in receipt of some / all of the following which would help to determine the level of funding required from the council:

  • free school meals
  • maximum level of Working Tax Credit
  • any level Universal Credit
  • Council Tax Reduction (previously known as Council Tax Benefit)

Young people commencing Post-16 provision who have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) will have the name of the Post-16 institution that they will be attending named in that Plan. Should a young person with an EHCP choose to attend a Post-16 institution other than that which is named in their EHCP, then this may impact on the level of travel assistance that can be provided. Young People with an EHCP have the right to request a personal budget for some or all of the provision. Transport costs could be considered as part of a personal budget if a young person is entitled to Post-16 travel assistance. In making a decision, the Council would have to be satisfied that:

  1. Any different arrangements would meet the needs of the child/young person
  2. No additional costs would be incurred by the council

Charges are based on the distance travelled, and start at £706 for the school year, unless the mode of travel assistance offered is less than these amounts, when the full amount for the travel assistance would be payable. The contribution can be paid in monthly instalments.

2019/20 academic year charges

Band Distance from home to school Annual charge
1 Under 4 miles £706
2 4 to 4.99 miles £823.60
3 5 to 6.99 miles £941.20
4 7 to 9.99 miles £1060.90
5 10 miles or more £1179.55

As in line with previous years, these charges are subject to annual review.

Mileage allowance for entitled students

In limited circumstances, we may agree for you to claim a mileage allowance for travelling by car or motorcycle.

If you are entitled to a mileage allowance it will be for one return journey per day. However, we do have the right to offer you public transport or an existing transport service instead if the mileage allowance is not the cheapest option. If we agree to give you a mileage allowance, we will send you a claim form each term and you will need to complete this with sign off from the school / college and return to the Transport Team.

What transport will be provided?

Entitled students will be allocated transport or travel assistance appropriate to their assessed needs. This may be specialised if they require equipment to enable them to be transported. In other cases they may receive a travel pass for either a dedicated school bus (6th form / year 12 eligible students) or public transport service. We have the right to limit places to a specific service that is available only at the beginning and end of a normal academic day. We do not issue travel passes for single outward or homeward journeys only.

Independent Travel Training for learners who face difficulty with transport

The council is working with schools and colleges to seek to promote a programme of Independent Travel Training, so that students will ultimately be able to travel on their own. For some students Independent Travel Training (ITT) would not be appropriate due to their complex needs, but where students have the potential to benefit from Independent Travel Training it is expected that those students will take part in the programme.

It is a programme of support that aims to enable a young person to become an independent and safe traveller; as a result it covers topics such as road safety, personal safety, journey planning and coping strategies.

If it is identified through a transport needs assessment process that travel training would be an option for an individual student, a referral can be made by the SEN Officer on their behalf. On receipt of a referral, the team will evaluate the suitability of travel training for that particular student, and where appropriate begin a personalised programme of training to meet their needs.

If a place is offered and a parent refuses to consent to their child attending independent travel training, their child’s eligibility may be reviewed and future travel arrangements may be offered on the condition that their child attends the training in the future. Continued refusal may lead to withdrawal of travel assistance, although consideration will be given to individual circumstances.

When to apply for travel assistance or support

You can apply any time after you know where you have been offered a place at school / college and you are encouraged to submit your application as soon as possible. All students need to apply on an annual basis.

What to do if your travel pass is lost or stolen

If your travel pass is lost or stolen, you will need to send a cheque or postal order for £13 (payable to Buckinghamshire Council) with a written request for a replacement. You must quote your student reference number, name, address and date of birth, and send your cheque and written request to Client and Public Transport.

An online payment option is also available to pay for replacement passes.

Raising a concern

Any parent wishing to make a formal complaint, or appeal a decision on transport will find more information outlined in the Home to School Transport Policy.

It may be necessary to refer your complaint to the relevant provider or institution if the complaint is not something that the Council can resolve.

Young adults with a learning difficulty and/ or disability aged 19 to 25 who do not have an EHCP

A contribution to transport costs may exceptionally be available from our Communities, Health and Adult Social Care (CHASC) service area for young adults with a learning difficulty and / or disability aged 19–25 who do not have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). This will be dependent on the young adult being assessed as eligible under the Care Act 2014 and education forming part of the assessed eligible need.

In these circumstances, transport to and from the education provider may be taken into account, but would be subject to the Adults and Family Wellbeing charging policy.

All enquiries with regard to transport support from CHASC should be made through the Community Response and Reablement Team. Email:

Young adults aged 19-25 with a learning difficulty and / or disability may also be eligible for a Motability Allowance, depending on the nature of their primary need.

Where possible we will provide information on any other schemes (i.e. community transport education journeys and taxi card scheme / voluntary car schemes) that might be of assistance, according to the individual circumstances of the student.

Provision of transport for adult learners with a learning disability

There are additional responsibilities for the provision of transport under Section 508 F Education Act 1996 to help young adults attend education institutions maintained or assisted by the Local Authority. The person must meet the following criteria:

  • adult up to the age of 25 years with an EHC Plan
  • receiving boarding accommodation at the institution

We have a duty to "make such arrangements for the provision of transport and otherwise as they consider necessary".

If it is decided that transport should be arranged by the council, it should be free of charge or reasonable travelling expenses provided.

Please contact your social worker for more information.

For support to access higher education please contact the Student Finance England on 0300 100 0607.

Points of contact for learners seeking transport support

Local Authority: Buckinghamshire 16-plus Travel Scheme

For queries about eligibility:

SEN Team
Walton Street Offices
Walton Street
HP20 1UZ

Telephone: 01296 382 269

For queries on transport:

Client and Public Transport
Walton Street Offices
Walton Street
HP20 1YZ

Telephone: 01296 387 439
Online: Contact us form


Buckinghamshire College Group
Website: Bucks college group

Amersham Campus
Stanley Hill

Telephone: 01495 585 503

High Wycombe Campus
Spring Lane
Flackwell Heath
High Wycombe
HP10 9HE

Telephone: 01494 585 477

Aylesbury Campus
Oxford Road
HP21 8PD

Telephone: 01296 588 595

East Berkshire College
Website: East Berkshire College

Langley Campus
Station Road

Telephone: 0845 373 2500

Windsor Campus
St Leonards Road

Telephone: 0845 373 2500

Berkshire College of Agriculture
Hall Place
Burchetts Green

Telephone: 01628 824 444 or 0800 0711 666
Online: Contact us form

Central Bedfordshire College

Telephone: 01582 477 776

Henley College
Deanfield Avenue
Henley on Thames

Telephone: 01491 579 988

Milton Keynes College
Website: MK College

Bletchley Campus
Sherwood Drive
Milton Keynes

Telephone: 01908 684 444

Chaffron Way Campus
Woughton Campus West
Milton Keynes

Telephone: 01908 684 444

Silbury Campus
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Moulton College
West Street

Telephone: 01604 491 131

West Herts College
Website: West Herts College

Watford Campus
Hempstead Road
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Telephone: 01923 812 000

Kings Langley Campus
Langley Waters
Home Park Kings

Telephone: 01923 812 000

Dacorum Campus
Hemel Hempstead

Telephone: 01923 812 000

School Transport Travel information

Details of home to school transport services are available.

Client & Public Transport Team
Walton Street Offices
Walton Street
HP20 1YZ

Telephone: 01296 387439
Online: Contact us form 

National Traveline

Find country wide bus and rail timetable information via Traveline South East.

Buckinghamshire Travel Information Service.

This website provides comprehensive information about public transport services in Buckinghamshire - covering all bus, coach and train services.

A Journey Planner service is available as are numerous publications and maps.


Customer Services

Telephone: 0844 800 44 11
Online: Contact form 

Marshalls Coaches
Firbank Way
Leighton Buzzard

Telephone: 01525 376 077 or 01525 381 145
Online: Marshalls Coaches 

Carousel Bus Ltd
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Motts Travel
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First Bus Berkshire and Thames Valley
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Redline Buses
8 Gatehouse Way
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Stagecoach Midlands 
Main Road
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Telephone: 08456 6001314

Red Rose Travel
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Star Travel
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Langston & Tasker
23 Queen Catherine Road
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Turners Minibuses
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Magpie Travel 
Binders Industrial Estate
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Unit 5 Chamberlain Road
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National Rail Enquiries 
Telephone: 08457 484 950
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London Midland Trains
Customer Services Team
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Chiltern Railways
Customer Services Banbury
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First Great Western Link
Customer Services Team
First Great Western
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