How Personal Transport Budgets work

2/18/2022 3:20:48 PM

Parent/carer agreement

After your application for a Personal Transport Budget has been approved, we will ask you to sign a parent/carer agreement. This sets out the terms and conditions of your agreement to receive a Personal Transport Budget.


Personal Transport Budget amount

Every family’s circumstances is different. We will discuss your family’s individual needs with you to determine the appropriate Personal Transport Budget amount. Factors that will be considered include:

  • your child’s special educational needs and disabilities
  • your child’s age
  • travel distance
  • how your child might travel to school
  • journey time
  • whether your child needs to be accompanied
  • specialist equipment needs


The minimum amount that would be awarded with a Personal Transport Budget is 45p per mile. This would include the cost of two return journeys per day of attendance at school or educational setting (i.e. all four legs of the journeys).

All children with an Education, Health and Care plan in the same household would be considered when agreeing the amount awarded for a Personal Transport Budget. It might be appropriate for one of your children to receive a Personal Transport Budget and for another child to use transport that is provided by us.

A Personal Transport Budget is paid on the assumption that pupils of statutory school age attend their school/education setting 190 days a year. 

If your child receives a Personal Transport Budget part way through the school year, or attends school or learning on a part-time basis, the payment would be on a pro rata basis.


Timing of payments

Where a Personal Transport Budget has been agreed for a full school year we will make 12 equal monthly payments into your chosen bank account. These will usually begin at the start of the academic year in September.

Where a Personal Transport Budget is started part-way through the school year, the start date and number of payments will be adjusted to reflect the shorter payment period. The final monthly payment in August may be adjusted if a reduction is needed; for example to account for low attendance during the year.


Using your Personal Transport Budget

You can use your Personal Transport Budget in any way you want for your child to get to and from their school/educational setting in a safe and legal way, as long as it meets the conditions set out in the parent/carer agreement.  For more information about the circumstances where a Personal Transport Budget can’t be used please visit our conditions of use webpage.

We will carry out periodic reviews on attendance at the school or educational setting to make sure that the Personal Transport is being used in line with the conditions of use.


Duration of the Personal Transport Budget

Personal Transport Budgets are usually arranged for the full school year. The Personal Transport Budget arrangements will be reviewed each year as part of your child’s Education, Health and Care Plan annual review. If you are still eligible, you will need to apply for a new Personal Transport Budget each year.

We understand that changes in circumstances may mean that parents/carers are no longer able to utilise a Personal Transport Budget. If you decide that you no longer want to receive a Personal Transport Budget, at any time you can contact us to give 28 days’ notice of stopping the Personal Transport Budget. We will aim to make alternative transport arrangements within the 28 day period.


Change of circumstances

If your personal circumstances change you should contact the Client Transport team.

Examples of changes to personal circumstances include:

  • moving to a different address
  • your child moving to a different school/educational setting
  • a change to your child’s timetable that affects their school hours or days
  • your child being absent from school on a long term basis (5 consecutive school days or more)


Contact Us

If you decide that you no longer want to receive a Personal Transport Budget then please contact the Client Transport team

We might be able to help you with any problems that you have with your Personal Transport Budget.  If you still decide that a Personal Transport Budget is not suitable for your family then your payments would stop from the date that transport provided by the Council starts.


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