Conditions of use for Personal Transport Budgets

4/9/2021 10:41:04 AM

A Personal Transport Budget cannot be used:

  • as a short-term alternative while an application for transport provided by the Council is being processed
  • to buy space on transport services provided by the Council
  • for any purpose that does not enable your child to travel to/from their school/educational setting
  • for any activity that is illegal, unlawful or unsafe
  • for other purposes that may bring the Council into disrepute

If you choose to use a Personal Transport Budget to employ someone (e.g. for childcare), then you will be responsible for complying with relevant rules regarding Tax and National Insurance, Employment Law, Insurance, Health and Safety or any other relevant rules or legislation in force at that time. In addition, it is good practice for parents/carers to check whether employed staff have current Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificates; and that parents/carers arrange or pay for those checks if directly employing an individual who doesn’t have one.

Similarly, if you use the Personal Transport Budget to enter into contracts with organisations e.g. after school clubs, or individuals, you would be responsible for complying with the terms and conditions of those contracts. This may include payment arrangements or notice of cancellation.


When we might withdraw a Personal Transport Budget

We might need to withdraw a Personal Transport Budget if there is a change to national legislation and/or the Council’s policies. We might also need to reconsider the Personal Transport Budget if:

  • your child’s attendance falls below 90%, unless their attendance is affected by their medical needs
  • your child regularly arrives late or in an unfit state to learn

In these circumstances, we would contact you first and work with you to try and resolve any problems. If this is unsuccessful then we may have to withdraw your Personal Transport Budget. If your child’s attendance is low, we might reduce the final Personal Transport Budget payment of the year.

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