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Have your say on home to school transport services

We are currently seeking public feedback on changes to home to school transport services. Find out more about the consultation which is open until 4 January 2019.

Free School Transport

1. Free school travel assistance

Help for pupils is provided where the nearest suitable school is more than:

  • two miles from your home address (under 8) 
  • three miles from your home address (over 8)

Most children do not qualify for travel assistance and parents are responsible for making the travel arrangements and meeting the cost

Check if you are entitled to free School Transport.

contact us 


When a school is not your nearest school

We may arrange transport to a school that is not your nearest school. We consider this where you have included the nearest school as a higher preference and have not been allocated a place there.

  • if you do not name your nearest school on your preferences we will not provide free transport to a school further away
  • If, when you applied for a school place, you could have applied for a nearer school which had vacancies, but chose not to, your child is unlikely to be eligible for free transport

Please do not assume that because an older sibling is already in receipt of free transport that a younger child will receive free transport to the same school. Eligibility may change as a result of changes to the road network or school gate locations or the order you express the school preferences.

Free transport on the basis of low income is available. 

You may also be able to apply for free transport to your nearest school, if:

  • you live under 2 or 3 miles (depending on age) from the school, and the route has been designated as an unsafe walking route
  • your child has difficulty in walking to school and this is confirmed by a medical specialist.

You can ask about this by using the contact us form if you think this is the case.



For primary aged children please contact us.


Secondary school

For secondary aged children check if your child would be entitled using our Free School Transport tool


Paid for home to school transport

If there are any spare places on the free school bus service, they can be purchased on a first come first service basis.

For full details of Home to School Transport policy

Print entire guide

Last updated: 18 December 2018

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