School transport options

1. School transport options

Update on paid-for school transport for September 2020

The waiting list for purchasing spare seats on Council-run school buses is now closed to new applicants. Further details on school transport arrangements for 2021/22 will be published in late Autumn 2020.

Seats have been offered for all students entitled to free transport for September 2020.

We have now also allocated the remaining spare seats on council-run school buses. If your child has been offered a paid for seat in the second round of offers which has now gone out, you need to pay by 20 August.

If your application has been unsuccessful, we will keep you on the waiting list and inform you if a place becomes available at a future date. However, you will need to make alternative arrangements for your child’s transport

Overview of school transport options

For pupils who don’t qualify for free school transport, we may offer any spare seats on our free school transport service as a paid-for alternative.

Please note that paid-for transport seats are limited and we cannot guarantee one for every child. We can only offer paid-for transport where there are spare seats on school buses operating for students who qualify for free statutory transport, and where a public transport route is not available – please check for public routes before you apply for paid-for travel.

If we have written to you to say we not able to offer your child a space we will keep their details on a waiting list. Only a very small number of extra spare paid-for seats become available during the course of the school year. We review the transport waiting lists on a termly basis and will only write to you if a space becomes available. Therefore you will need to make other school transport arrangements for your child.

Alternative transport options

Public bus services

You can get season tickets and child discounts from most bus and train operators or see the Citizencard information. See our local bus timetable page or plan a journey on Traveline. Taxi operators may also offer discounts for regular journeys.

Commercially run school-only buses

There are a number of private companies who operate independently of the Council and who sell tickets to parents directly. Details of commercial school bus routes can be found on our bus timetables page.


Ask your school if they have a travel plan in place – this can include walking and cycling routes. See our cycle training information.


If you use a childminder they may be able take your child to school, or pick them up. If they’re close to school they may walk or drive your child there.

Parent and community schemes

Your school PTA may help you to see if there is interest in contracting your own transport through a local operator. ‘Walking buses’ that use parents as volunteers to pick up children, walk them to school and take them home may work for some groups of parents.

Car share

Setting up a lift scheme for parents to car-share may be an option, or consider using a car share app like Liftshare.


2. Apply for paid-for school transport

The waiting list for purchasing spare seats on Council-run school buses is now closed to new applicants. Further details on school transport arrangements for 2021/22 will be published in late Autumn 2020.

We offer any spare seats on our free school transport service as a paid-for alternative. 

These seats are limited and we cannot guarantee one for every child. Seats are allocated on a first come, first served basis dependent on the date of the application.

For full details please see our terms and conditions of travel.

Seats are only allocated if a public transport route is not available.

Applications for paid-for transport closed on 6 July 2020.

The default offer will be for a bus.

If you would like your child to join an existing taxi or minibus route to school, use our contact us form. We are unable to guarantee any seats provided on taxi or minibus routes.

We will send an offer of 'paid-for' transport for all year 11 pupils using dedicated bus services, to take up if they are staying on at sixth-form at the same school, subject to a space being available after eligible new starters are allocated.

Pupils wanting transport to a different school for sixth-form or are currently travelling on a taxi are able to apply for a 'paid-for' place by applying on the paid-for waiting list.

Further information on the 16-19 bursary and free post 16 transport 

What happens after you apply

These are the stages and dates of the application process.

Closing date for new spare seat applications for 2020/21  6 July 2020
All applicants notified of outcome – offer letters sent and unsuccessful applicants informed that they will continue to be on a waiting list.  30 July 2020
Closing date for applicants to take-up offer of spare seat and make payment.  6 August 2020
Round 2 offers – any remaining spare seats (as not all parents take up the offer of a place) will be offered to those on the waiting list on a first come first service basis.  14 August 2020
Termly waiting list reviews – every term the Council will review any remaining spare seats and make these available when possible.  Termly

If you are on the waiting list you will need to make alternative transport arrangements as only a very small number of additional spare seats become available during the academic year.

For full details of local buses in your area, please visit traveline.


Sometimes we may need to withdraw a paid-for place. Where this happens we will give you one week's notice in writing


Public bus services

We do not provide 'paid-for' passes for local public bus service where tickets can be bought directly from the bus company. See our local bus timetables page or plan a journey on traveline.


3. School transport fees

These fees are reviewed annually.


School transport fees 2020

You can only apply for an annual fare between May 2020 and September 2020. 


Children (under 16 years)

Boarding Annual fare Monthly Direct Debit (over 8 months)
All boarding points within Buckinghamshire £726 £94


Young adults and SEN (over 16 years) and 

Non-Buckinghamshire Council Residents (5 to 19 years)

Boarding Annual fare Monthly Direct Debit (over 8 months)
Band 1 (under 4 miles) £726 £94
Band 2 (4 to 4.99 miles) £847 £109
Band 3 (5 to 6.99 miles) £969 £124
Band 4 (7 to 9.99 miles) £1,092 £139
Band 5 (10 miles or more) £1,214 £155
Under 16s boarding outside Buckinghamshire £1,298 £165
Over 16s boarding outside Buckinghamshire County £1,536 £195




4. Pay for or replace a school bus pass

If we are able to offer you a paid-for school transport place, we will send you a Paid-For School Transport offer letter. To secure this offer you must pay online or send us your Direct Debit instruction by the stated deadline.


What you'll need to pay online

To pay, you'll need your Customer Reference number (5 digit reference number on your letter).

The first time you pay you will need to create an account. This means you can check the progress of your payment and speed up future payments.



Paying by Direct Debit

All customers who would like to pay by Direct Debit must:

  • fully complete the Direct Debit instruction form enclosed with their paid-for transport offer
  • complete each of the mandatory fields, including the electronic signature, to ensure we know who the transport is for
  • submit it to us online by selecting ‘I am returning an acceptance of a transport offer’ and attaching your completed Direct Debit instruction form and a clear, recent head and shoulders photograph of your child under the 'Photograph and Documents' section

These requirements apply to all customers, including those who have paid by Direct Debit in the past.

Paid-for transport offers are made prior to the start of the school year and during the autumn term.

The months your first and final 8 monthly direct debit payments are made will depend on when you are offered a renewal or new paid-for place on school transport.

Offer round Initial month of payment (1st / 17th) Final month of payment
Renewals September April
Round 1 October May
Round 2 November June

If we are able to offer you a paid-for place on school transport during the Autumn Term, the offer will be valid from the second half of the Autumn Term.

Therefore the total annual charge split over the 8 monthly payments will be reduced by the 7 weeks of the first half of the autumn term

The following terms and conditions are agreed to as part of accepting to pay for your child's paid-for place over 8 monthly direct debit payments:

  • By renewing your child's transport, you agree that you have read and understood the full Terms and Conditions of Transport and also the Behaviour Protocol.
  • If you fail to keep up with repayments or if you cancel your direct debit mandate, you will still be liable to pay any remaining outstanding balance for the rest of the term. The transport pass for your child(ren) will become invalid and will be withdrawn.

  • No replacement or future pass(es) will be issued by Buckinghamshire Council for your child(ren) until any debt owing is repaid.
  • We reserve the right to disallow you from making any future application for payments, where a previous request to make payments has failed, even when the debt owing has subsequently been repaid.



If you pay termly for your bus pass it is important that you renew your child’s Paid For Travel Pass within the dates below. If you do not renew before this date we will assume that you no longer need home to school transport. Any spare seats will be released to other parents who are waiting for a school bus space for their child.




Open on morning of

Closing at midnight on


Whole school year

Wednesday 17 June 2020

Monday 6 July 2020

Autumn 2020

Whole Term

Wednesday 17 June 2020

Monday 6 July 2020

Spring 2021

Whole Term

Wednesday 18 November 2020

Monday 7 December 2020

Summer 2021

Whole Term

Wednesday 3 March 2021

Monday 22 March 2021

2021/22 School Year

Whole school year

Monday 18 May 2021
(To be confirmed)

To be confirmed


Lost or damaged bus pass

The cost of a replacement bus pass is £13. 

You can apply online for a replacement bus passYour school may issue you a temporary 5 day bus pass free of charge while you are waiting for a replacement. To request this, please contact your school reception.


Refunds and cancellations

You can request a refund or cancel your bus pass if you no longer need it.

If you pay for your pass annually and by Direct Debit, you will be required to pay for the remainder of the term the cancellation is requested for and any refund due will be issued.

No refund will be given if you pay per term and cancel mid-term.

Please read our cancellation and refund policy for more information. 


Contact details

For enquiries regarding home to school transport please use our contact us form


5. School bus pass update

Post-16 SEND transport

We are aware that some post-16 SEND students have not yet had school/college transport allocated. If you have logged a call with our contact centre about transport allocation, please be assured that we are working through outstanding cases and will be in touch to confirm arrangements shortly.

Bus passes

Almost all bus passes have now been received or collected from school, but there are a few outstanding. If you still have not received your child's pass, please collect a temporary pass from your school to use until the permanent pass arrives.

To allow for a temporary pass to be collected, passes will not be required on Council-run school buses on Monday 14 September. Public bus services will also accept passes from last term on Monday 14 September.

Bus timetables

We have had a number of bus timetable updates.

Some services are still being updated with relevant information, check frequently for additional information.

Council-contracted buses

Public buses

New commercial bus routes

In four areas where spare seats on Council-run school transport services were very over-subscribed, we worked with bus companies to establish extra commercial school bus services on which parents can purchase seats.

Three of these new services are now in place. Service 664 from the villages of Eaton Bray, Edlesborough, Ivinghoe, Pitstone and Cheddington to The Cottesloe School in Wing had to be discontinued because ticket sales were too low to make it commercially viable for the coach company.

Extra Council-run school buses

We are providing extra buses on some Council-run school bus routes to support social distancing and to reduce the amount of mixing between pupils from different schools. This is possible due to additional government funding provided to the Council which lasts until the autumn half-term.

The extra school buses will operate on routes where the bus usually carries pupils of three different schools. If your child has been allocated a seat on one of the following routes, they will now be travelling on one of two buses, depending on which school they attend.

Route Company Bus 1 Bus 2

Route 872

Mursley to Aylesbury

Motts Coaches

Aylesbury High School
Aylesbury Grammar School

Sir Henry Floyd Grammar Academy Trust

Route 874

Little Brickhill to Aylesbury

Motts Coaches Aylesbury High School
Aylesbury Grammar School
Sir Henry Floyd Grammar Academy Trust
Route 901
Turweston to Buckingham
Langston & Tasker

Buckingham School

Buckingham Primary School
Royal Latin School
Route 902
Chetwode to Buckingham
Langston & Tasker

Buckingham School

Buckingham Primary School
Royal Latin School

Route 907T

Lacey Green to Wycombe

Sprinters Travel Wycombe High School St Michael's Catholic School
John Hampden Grammar School

Paid-for places - round 2 offers

If you received a second offer for a paid-for bus placement on Thursday 13 August, this is due to your paid-for application having another bus preference which now has an available space. Use our contact us form to accept the new offer.

If you do not accept the offer, your child will remain on the original bus offer placement and you do not need to take any further action.

There are a limited number of paid-for placements available and all applications are dealt with on a first received, first decided basis.

Getting in contact

We are currently experiencing a high volume of calls. Please only call if the information you require is not available on these web pages.