Primary or junior school allocation rounds

Offers for second allocation round will be emailed by 5pm on 20 May. If an offer cannot be made we will let you know your child’s waiting list position.

Starting school or moving up to junior school

10. What if I miss the application deadline?


Date we receive your application Do you think you have exceptional reasons for your late application? Will your application be treated as on time? When you will know which school your child has been offered
By 15 January 2020 N/A Yes 16 April 2020
By 29 January 2020 Yes - evidence included and agreed Yes 16 April 2020
By 29 January 2020 Yes - evidence included and not agreed No 16 April 2020
By 29 January 2020 No No 16 April 2020

* For example, you may have been ill for a long time or there may have been a family bereavement, which prevented you from applying by the deadline.  Moving into the area is not an exceptional reason for applying late.

If you have missed the application deadline and still need to apply for a primary school place in September 2020, please download an application form and return as soon as possible using the Admissions Team's 'Contact us' form. Information about deadlines are available on our later allocation rounds page.

If an application is late for the first round of allocations we will not look at it until after all those that we received on time. The only exception would be if we received your application by 29 January 2020 and you have included independent professional evidence which we agree shows why you could not apply on time.

Please also see section 9 if you are a Service or Crown Servant family. If we receive your application and supporting evidence by 14 February 2020 we will treat your application as timely.

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Last updated: 4 May 2020

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