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14. Waiting Lists

After each allocation round, we will automatically add the names of the children who have not been offered a place at a preferred Buckinghamshire school to the waiting list for the schools where we were not able to offer a place.  We will do this for all children, not just those for whom we are the Home LA. Each school’s waiting list will be re-sorted in their admission rules order before making further allocations from the waiting list. Priority is not given to children based on the date their application was received or their name was added to the waiting list.

We will also automatically add the names of Buckinghamshire children with preferences for schools in other areas to the waiting lists.

How do I remove my child from a waiting list?

If you don’t remove your child from the waiting list, and we are able to offer a place at a school you listed higher on your application than the one offered, we will automatically give the place we allocated you originally to another child.

Look at the table for deadline dates for later allocation rounds and make sure we receive your request to remove your child from a waiting list in plenty of time.

If you are happy with the school you have been offered and don’t want to pursue a place at a higher preference school, you must let us know

  • by 30 April  if the school was allocated on National Offer Day. You should do this by contacting us, or by returning the form enclosed with your offer letter (where provided).
  • by the deadline in your offer letter/email for later rounds of allocation. You can respond by contacting us. Please also see the information about later allocation rounds.

! If you want to remove your child from a waiting list at any time, please let us know as soon as you decide this.

Each waiting list is held in admission rules order: this means that children with a high priority in the school’s admission rules will always be near the top of the waiting list, and children with a low priority will be nearer the bottom. Each time a child is added to the list, the child is slotted in the appropriate place according to their priority: waiting lists are never ‘first-come, first-served’.

Waiting lists will be used to offer any places that become available in later allocation rounds. All preferences will be treated equally even if they were late for the first allocation round.

You can also ask for an admission appeal.

What happens if a place becomes available for my child from the waiting list?

If a place becomes available at a school, and your child is at the top of the waiting list, we will automatically offer this place to your child: we will send you an offer email/letter.

If you have already accepted a place at a lower preference school, we will automatically take that place away and offer it to another child - we will not ask you before we do this, as we will assume you would prefer your child to go to the higher ranked school that they are on the waiting list for.

This is why it is very important for you to let us know immediately if you no longer want your child’s name to be included on a waiting list.


How do I find out my child's waiting list position?

If your child is on a Buckinghamshire school waiting list (or lists), we will let you know their waiting list position on 21 May, 16 July and 27 August.  We will not confirm waiting list positions at any other time.

Please remember that your child's position on a waiting list can go up or down as other children join or leave the list, depending on whether they have a higher priority in the admission rules than your child.

If your child is on the waiting list for a school in another area, please contact the Admissions Team for that area for information about waiting list positions.

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