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National Offer Day - 16 April 2019

If you have applied for a primary school place we will email your offer on 16 April. You can view your offer online from 2pm. If you applied by post your offer will be sent by first class post on 16 April.

View further information on waiting lists and how we manage later allocation rounds.

Starting school or moving up to Junior school

18. Summer Born Children (April to August) – Delaying My Child’s School Start


If your child is summer born, you can apply for a place to start as usual in September 2019, after their 4th birthday, or you may decide you want to apply next year, to start in September 2020 after your child’s 5th birthday.

Generally, children should be educated in their normal age group (that is their correct chronological year). The curriculum should be amended as necessary to meet the needs of individual children. Whilst you are considering delaying your child’s school start you still need to submit an application for September 2019 which can be withdrawn if it is agreed that your child should be held back a year.

For community and voluntary controlled schools it is the Local Authority (LA) who will decide whether your application is accepted on the basis of the evidence submitted. A panel looks at the information you sent including:

  • the views of the parent
  • the child’s social, academic and emotional development
  • any independent supporting evidence from professionals who know your child e.g. Nursery, G.P. Health Visitor

If the admission authority for the school agrees that your child should have a delayed start to Reception this does not mean that a place will be held for your child at your preferred school until the following year. It means that you will be able to apply again for a place in Reception a year later. Your child may or may not be allocated a place at your preferred school.

Academies, voluntary-aided and foundation schools are responsible for their own admissions and they make this decision for applications made to their school unless they have delegated that function to the LA

 If you have decided that you want to request delayed entry you should read the information on the Placement of Pupils out of their Chronological year Group and complete the application form. The same form can be used if you wish to apply to an academy, voluntary-aided or foundation school. The LA will forward your request to the school.

Timeline for 1st Round

 8 February 2019 – latest date to receive applications to delay a child’s school start.

27 February 2019 – Panel Meet

By 27 March 2019 – All parents notified of panel decisions 

Timeline for 2nd Round

24 May 2019 - latest date to receive applications to delay a child’s school start.

11 June 2019 – Panel Meet

By 2 July 2019 - All parents notified of panel decisions

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Last updated: 12 March 2019

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