Starting school or moving up to junior school

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11. National offer day

National primary offer day is 16 April 2021. This is for children starting primary school or moving up to junior school in September 2021.


What to do when you receive your offer

If you've applied online, we'll email your offer to you on 16 April. You can view your offer online from 2pm.

If you've made a paper application and provided us with an email address, we'll email you the outcome of your application on 16 April. 

View information on waiting lists and how we manage later allocation rounds.


Understanding your options

Please complete the answers below to see what options are available to you.

This flowchart is also available as a downloadable PDF.

Sections 12 to 16 give you the information you will need when you receive your child's primary school offer on 16 April 2021.

Make sure you read them carefully as they will explain why we have made the offer we have and what you will need to do next. These sections also tell you about the timeline for accepting the place we have offered and waiting lists.

Even if you have an older child who is already at primary school, there are things that are likely to be different so it is important that you understand what happens after you have received your child’s offer.

It is particularly important that you understand how waiting lists work.

This section also has information about how we manage allocation rounds after 16 April.

National Offer Day for all Local Authorities (LAs) for children starting school or moving up to junior school in September 2021 is 16 April 2021. Each LA will let its residents know which school has been offered for their child

Each LA will have different deadlines and things for you to do. If you don't live in Buckinghamshire, make sure you understand what your home LA needs you to do. You should also contact them if your child does not have a school place for September.

You will be able to see the allocation profile which will show you which schools had more applications than there were places available and the final admission rule under which we were able to offer places on 16 April.

View your offer online

For information about other LA's you must contact them directly.

If you missed the application deadline and still need to apply for a primary school place for Reception or a Junior school place for Year 3 in September 2021, use the contact us form to request an application form.  Information about deadlines is available on our later allocation rounds page


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