Starting school or moving up to junior school

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2. How to decide which schools to apply for

 It is important that you make your application correctly, and on time, as this can significantly affect your chances of being offered a place at the school you are interested in.

Check our timeline to get all the important dates for your diary.

Find the schools near you

Use our 'Find your child a school place' service to find information about the schools you are interested in including catchment areas, OFSTED report, admission numbers, details of the allocation of school places for previous years.

Learn more about the schools you are interested in

Many schools have open events to give you the chance to look around and learn more about them, however, at this time, most schools will be holding virtual school events, or you might have to ring to make an appointment to visit a school. 

Use our school directory to find open event dates for the schools you are interested in.

It is best to arrange a visit, virtual or in person, with a number of schools, including your nearest or catchment schools. Even if you are not sure if a school might be right for your child, it is helpful to learn more about the school.

Think about how to get to school 

Think about how your child will get to school each day. Make sure you read and understand the School Transport rules. You can check whether your child would be eligible for free school transport. If being able to walk to school is important to you, ask whether the school has a School Travel Plan.

Decide on your preferences

You cannot choose a school for your child, but you can make preferences. You can put up to six schools on your application. Make sure you understand how we allocate school places.

Apply for a place

You must submit your primary school application by midnight on 15 January 2021 at the very latest.

At the same time, send us evidence of where you live. The evidence you provide must be a copy of a utility bill (i.e. a gas or electricity bill in your name) which is no more than 3 months old and shows usage appropriate to your families need.

Please do not leave this very important decision until the last moment


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