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Check your school place offer

We will let you know the primary school your child has been offered on 16 April 2019. This is known as National Offer Day. 


View your offer online

From 16 April at 2pm, online applicants will be able to log in to the Application Portal to view and respond to your offer. We will also send you an email to let you know your child's offer.

You will be able to:

  • view the outcome of your application
  • accept any place that we have offered
  • decline (reject) the place offered 

Our guidance notes will take you step-by-step through responding to our offer online.

We have made some important changes to the way that we manage waiting lists. Please read the information on our waiting lists page.

You may also find sections 11 to 16 of our webpages helpful.

View your offer online on 16 April from 2pm


Other ways to check

 You can also check your school place offer:

  • if you applied online you will also receive an offer email
  • if you applied on a paper form you will receive an offer letter which we will post on 16 April. You can reply using our contact us form or by posting us the reply slip in your offer letter


Ensuring we have your correct details

If you have changed your email address and you did not log in to the Application Portal to amend this before midday on 12 April, you will not receive an offer email. We cannot re-send an offer email to your new account.

You can still log in to the Application Portal using your old email address and password.


If you have not yet applied for a school place

If you have not yet applied for your child's primary school place (Reception or Year 3 at a Junior school) , please contact us urgently.


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