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Selection Review Outcomes 2018

Selection Review outcomes were posted (first class) on 2 February. For more information please see section 15 of this guide.

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Secondary Transfer Testing and Grammar schools 2018

3. Test dates

Children who go to Buckinghamshire LA primary and Partner schools take the Preparation and Secondary Transfer Tests at school on the following dates:

  • Tuesday 12 September 2017 - Preparation Test
  • Thursday 14 September 2017 - Secondary Transfer Test

Children from out of county schools will be tested on the same days, usually at one of the Buckinghamshire grammar schools.

The parents of children due to be tested at a grammar school were emailed on 20 July 2017 to confirm the date, time and school where their child will be tested. A child can only be tested at the grammar school they have been invited to.

The parents of children taking the Secondary Transfer Test at a grammar school will receive an ‘Identification and Fit for Secondary Transfer Testing' form with their testing invitation.  The completed form must be brought to the Secondary Transfer Testing session at the grammar school on 14 September as, without it, it will not be possible for the child to take the test. The purpose of this form is not only to enable the parent to confirm that their child is well on the test date but also to provide a photograph to confirm the identity of the child undertaking testing.

Children attending Buckinghamshire LA and Partner schools are not required to complete this form as their identity does not need confirming.

Children living abroad

Children currently living abroad will not be tested until they return to the UK.

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Last updated: 24 July 2017

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