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Selection Review Outcomes 2018

Selection Review outcomes were posted (first class) on 2 February. For more information please see section 15 of this guide.

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Secondary Transfer Testing and Grammar schools 2018

11. Selection Review

A Selection Review is an opportunity for you to explain (in writing) to a panel of headteachers, why you feel your child would be best placed in a grammar school. The panel will be able to decide whether your child would be suitable for a grammar school even though their STTS was less than 121.

Selection Reviews will be held from late November 2017 to January 2018. Each Selection Review Panel will consist of three headteachers – two grammar school headteachers and one primary school headteacher. The headteachers will be chosen from a group of headteachers who have prepared for, and understand, the nature of the decisions they are taking. They will not consider cases of children known to them or from schools in which they have an interest.

Cases will be allocated to panels randomly and broadly in date order of receipt of completed requests. The Selection Review Panel will not be provided with the secondary school preferences of cases coming before them. Cases including Educational Psychologists' reports or other specialist reports (for example: medical consultant or ophthalmologist reports) will be referred to a particular panel at which an Educational Psychologist (EP) will be available to provide expert information. However, the EP will not have a vote when it comes to the decision-making process.

Some things for you to think about

Academic evidence will be vital to the success of any Selection Review so before you decide whether to request a review, you should bear in mind that the Selection Review Panel (SRP) will be looking for clear academic evidence to show that your child would be appropriately placed in a grammar school. The Panel will also want to see evidence of any exceptional reasons to explain why your child may not have done as well as you, or their headteacher, had expected in the Secondary Transfer Test.

We will give the SRP information about how your child performed in the Secondary Transfer Test. The Panel will be given your child's scores in the verbal, numerical and non-verbal sections of the test as well as their STTS. Additionally, if your child goes to a Buckinghamshire LA primary or Partner school, the SRP will also have information from their current headteacher, decided upon in advance of the test results being known, about whether they believe your child would be suitably placed in a grammar school as well as their attitude to work (learning).


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Last updated: 27 July 2017

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