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Selection Review Outcomes 2018

Selection Review outcomes were posted (first class) on 2 February. For more information please see section 15 of this guide.

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Secondary Transfer Testing and Grammar schools 2018

10. Secondary Transfer Test results

Remember that the outcome of the testing process decides which type of school will best meet your child's needs; an upper/all-ability school or a grammar school.

When will I receive my child’s Secondary Transfer Test results?

Primary School type

Did your child take the Transfer Test on 14 September 2017?

When will I get my child's results letter?

How will I receive the results letter?

LA  primary or
Partner school


13 October 2017

Your child will
bring the letter
home from school


As soon as possible after 13 October

By first class post

All other schools


13 October 2017

By first class post
– we will post
the letter on 12
October 2017


As soon as possible after 13 October

By first class post

What the results mean

The letter you receive on 13 October will be tailored according to your child's Secondary Transfer Test Score (STTS).

If your child's STTS is 50 or more, the letter will contain a detailed analysis of the score together with information about whether the STTS qualifies the child for grammar school admission.

Where a child's STTS is lower than 50, a less detailed letter will be provided. It will not detail the exact STTS; it will state that the STTS was less than 50. The child will not be qualified for grammar school; however, should you want a detailed breakdown of your child's score you will be advised of how this can be requested.

If your child's STTS was 121 or more, they have qualified for grammar school. This means that we will do our best to offer your child a place at one of your preferred grammar schools on 1 March 2018.

If your child's STTS was less than 121, they have not qualified for grammar school.

Once you know the results

All parents need to ensure that they have applied for their child's secondary school place by the deadline of 3pm on 31 October 2017. It may be that you have delayed making an application until you have received your child's Secondary Transfer Test results. If so, ensure you apply by the deadline.

Otherwise, you only need to do something if your child did not qualify and you feel strongly that they would be suitable for a grammar school. If this is the case, you have two options:


  • You can ask for a Selection Review. Reviews will be heard from late November 2017 to January 2018 and, if successful, all Buckinghamshire grammar schools will accept that your child has qualified for a grammar school place. This would mean that we would be able to consider all of your grammar school preferences for the allocation of school places on 1 March 2018.
  • Should your child not qualify at review, if you wish, you will be able to ask for an independent admission appeal for a place at a particular grammar school after the allocation of school places in March. Admission appeals will be heard from May 2018. If you choose to appeal and your child's case was considered at Selection Review then the Independent Appeal Panel (IAP) will first need to decide whether the Selection Review Process was 'fair, consistent and objective' and only if they do not agree that it was 'fair, consistent and objective' will they go on to consider the rest of the case you make for admission to the particular grammar school.


  • You may decide to wait and ask for an independent appeal for a place at a particular grammar school once the outcome of your application is known on 1 March 2018. Your grammar school preferences will have been refused as your child did not achieve 121 or more in the Secondary Transfer Test. Admission appeals will take place from May 2018.

You may wish to talk to your child's primary school headteacher before you ask for a review (or appeal) so that you can discuss in detail whether their STTS was as they expected and whether a grammar school would best suit your child's needs.

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Last updated: 13 October 2017

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