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Selection Review Outcomes 2018

Selection Review outcomes were posted (first class) on 2 February. For more information please see section 15 of this guide.

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Request a remark of your Secondary Transfer Test

Use this service to have your child’s papers remarked by hand and then receive confirmation of the Secondary Transfer Test Score (STTS) in a letter, which we aim to send in approximately 10 working days.

This form usually takes 10 minutes to complete.

Before you begin

  • Please bear in mind that it is extremely unlikely that there has been an error in the marking of your child’s test papers.

  • You may wish to talk to your child’s primary school Headteacher to discuss whether their STTS was as they expected and whether a grammar school would best suit your child’s needs. 
  • Please read our FAQ which explains how the Secondary Transfer Test answer sheets are marked. 

You will need

  • Your child’s reference number (on the Secondary Transfer Test results letter)
  • A debit or credit card for the £30 payment for this service

Remark a Secondary Transfer Test

Selection Review

If you would like to pursue a Selection Review, you should not wait to receive the STTS confirmation letter before submitting your review form and other information. In the unlikely event that the remark results in a change to the STTS, you can simply cancel your Selection Review, if you no longer wish to pursue it.

Please note that a copy of a child’s STTS confirmation letter forms part of the paperwork provided to the Selection Review Panel (and/or, at a later stage, the Independent Appeal Panel).

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