Moving up to secondary school

4/12/2021 6:17:01 PM

1. Timeline for entry in 2021

Children born between 1 September 2009 and 31 August 2010 will be moving up to secondary school in September 2021. The dates set so far for that academic year are as follows.



5 May, 3pm - Secondary Transfer Test registration opens

You only need to register for the Secondary Transfer Test if your child does not attend a Buckinghamshire local authority primary school. Registration opens at 3pm. 

If your child attends a Buckinghamshire local authority school, you do not need to register them for the Secondary Transfer Test as they are registered automatically.

If you do not want your child to be tested, you should let the school know nearer the time.

25 June - Secondary Transfer Test registration closes at 3pm

View our guide to making a Secondary Transfer Test application

September to October - open events (may be held virtually)

Find my child a school place

Open events information for 2021 entry will be added to our school directory when it is available. Open events are the easiest way to see a school first-hand. You may need to make an appointment.

8 September - Applications open


22 October

We recommend you apply online, or with a paper form, by this date to give us time to let you know that we have received your application.

22 October - Last date to hand in paper application

This is the latest date for parents of children who go to a Buckinghamshire LA primary school to hand their paper form into their child’s school.

October to November - Secondary Transfer Tests

Secondary Transfer Testing will take place between:

  • 27 to 30 October for children attending out of county primary schools
  • 2 to 5 November for children attending Buckinghamshire primary schools and Partner schools

Testing for children attending out of county primary schools will take place at the Buckinghamshire grammar schools during October half term week.  Children will be tested on EITHER 27 October and 29 October OR 28 October and 30 October to reduce the numbers of pupils on site.

There is flexibility for Buckinghamshire primary schools and Partner schools to test on 2 November and 4 November and/or 3 November and 5 November.

Children will sit a practice test two days before sitting the Secondary Transfer Test. You will be notified of the exact dates your child will be tested.

31 October - DEADLINE Last date for moving into Buckinghamshire

The latest date for moving into Buckinghamshire (and providing evidence) for us to use this address when we consider your school preferences for the first round of allocations.

Some academies, as well as foundation, free and voluntary-aided schools, may have different deadlines.

31 October -  secondary school applications closes at midnight

Buckinghamshire residents have until midnight to submit their online secondary school application.

If you are posting a paper application, it must reach us no later than 3pm on 2 November (as 31 October is a Saturday this is the next working day). All applicants must submit address evidence to accompany their application.

Submit your address evidence


30 November - Secondary Transfer Test results

Parents receive their child's Secondary Transfer Test results.

10 December – latest date to amend or add preferences

You should have submitted your application by 31 October. You were able to include up to 6 preferences including both grammar and upper/all ability schools.

If your child does not qualify, we will allow one upper school preference to be added where one had not already been expressed.

If a child qualifies, we will allow one grammar school to be added where one had not been previously expressed.

In the event that six grammar school preferences have been made and your child does not qualify, then you may replace one grammar school preference with one upper school preference and vice versa for a qualified child.

There are no other circumstances in which you can add new preferences i.e. if a you already had a mix of upper schools and grammar school in your original application, you cannot add or remove schools, however, you can change the order of your existing preferences.



1 March - National Offer Day

View your offer

Parents who applied online will be able to login and view their offer. They will also be sent an email.

We post letters to parents who applied on a paper form.

25 June Last date for late testing

This is the latest date we can receive evidence to agree to register a child for the Secondary Transfer Test if they have very recently moved into the area. Testing will take place in July. 

If you move to Buckinghamshire after this date you will need to make an in year application and provide evidence of your move.  Testing will take place in the Autumn term.  Details of how to apply are here

6 and 7 July - School transition days

Children go to Transition Day at their new secondary school.

September 2021 - Start of new school year

The new school year starts and children attend their new school.


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