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16. Later allocation rounds

If we are not able to offer your child a place at your preferred school on 1 March 2021 and you still want us to, we will try to do this in a later allocation round if places become available. Places may become available as parents decline them, or as their children are offered higher preference schools. Successful admission appeals for one school may also free up places at another school.

For your child to be included in a later allocation round, their name must be on the waiting list for your preferred school or schools, and they must be qualified to attend that particular school.

We will only write to you in a later allocation round if:

  • You have asked for a new preference (from the third allocation round - we need to tell you if this can be offered or not)


  • We have been able to make an offer of a place at a school on your original or later application, that you listed higher than the school we have already offered, and your child is on that school’s waiting list.

We will make it clear in your offer letter or email the date by which you should respond.

We will not write to you again to tell you that we still cannot offer a place at a school that you listed on an earlier application.  If you live outside of Buckinghamshire, we will let your home LA know if we can make an offer for your child at one of our schools. They will also let us know about any further offers at their schools for our children.

If your child cannot be offered a preferred school in a later round of allocations, we will let you know where they are on any Buckinghamshire school waiting lists on the dates given in the table below. If your child is on a waiting list for a school outside of Buckinghamshire, you will need to contact that LA direct and ask them how you can find out what your child’s position is.  Also let the LA know if you want to remove your child’s name from a waiting list.

Waiting lists for admission to Year 7 in Buckinghamshire secondary schools will be maintained until 31 December 2021 at which time if you confirm you still want your child to be on the waiting list, your application will convert to an in-year application.



The deadlines by which we need to receive information from you for your child to be included in a later allocation round, and the dates we will write to you are given below.

Second allocation round

For the second round of allocations we will include:

  • applications considered on National Offer Day where a place could not be offered and the child is on a waiting list
  • new applications received between 1 January and 15 March 2021 which may include applications from families who have provided evidence to confirm they have moved into the area by the deadline of 1 March

We will also change the address for school place application purposes for families that moved after the October deadlines, but by 1 March 2021, and provided enough evidence to confirm this.

By 15 March 2021:

  • If you no longer want your child to be considered for a place at a preferred school, make sure you have asked us to remove their name from the waiting list. It is very important that you tell us this as we will have automatically added your child to waiting lists where we could not offer a place on National Offer Day.
  • If your circumstances have changed, let us know if you would now like your application for a preferred school considered under an Exceptional Medical or Social Needs rule

On 1 April by the end of the working day, we will:

  • notify you by email/letter of the outcome of your application.
  • let you know your child’s waiting list position for schools where we have not been able to offer a place.

We will only accept changes of preference from 1 April to 15 April for the third allocation round. Please use our Contact Us form to advise us. We will not accept any changes before 1 April.


Third and later allocation rounds


By this date we must receive -
-A request to remove your child’s name from a waiting list(s)

-Evidence to support an Exceptional Medical or Social Needs application

-Evidence showing a move to Buckinghamshire that has taken place

-Changes of preference

On this date–

- offer letters will be posted/emails sent

- we will let you know

where we cannot  offer a place at a new preference school

On this date –

- we will send waiting list position emails 

Third round

15 April 2021

6 May 2021

6 May 2021

Fourth round

13 May 2021

27 May 2021


Fifth round

10 June 2021

17 June 2021

17 June 2021

Sixth round

24 June 2021

1 July 2021

1 July 2021

After 1 July 2021, we will offer any further places as they become available. There are usually very few at this time in the year. 

The nearer we get to the start of September the fewer places we have to offer and the less likely it is that a place will become available at your preferred school. If there have been successful admission appeals for a school we will not be able to offer any places unless the number of children due to join the school in September 2021 falls to below the school’s Admission Number.

If you have not yet applied for your child’s Year 7 place for September 2021 then please do so as soon as possible. You can do this by completing our application form and returning it to us either by attaching it to our contact us form or posting it to us.


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