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Moving up to secondary school

5. How we allocate school places

Once you have submitted your application we start the process of finding your child a school place according to our Scheme and each school’s admission rules.

Step 1 - We look at the preferences made by our parents including grammar schools if your child is qualified.

Step 2 - We tell other LAs about applications for their schools made by our parents and other LAs tell us about applications for Buckinghamshire schools made by their parents.

Step 3 - We put your child on the list for the schools on your application, in admission rules order.

Step 4 - We allocate places up to the Admission Number for each of our schools.

Step 5 - We tell other LAs which of their children can be offered places at our schools and other LAs tell us which of our children can be offered places at their schools.

Step 6 - It will be possible to allocate more than one place to many children, so we keep the allocation for the school you listed higher on your application. Any other places are freed up for other children. 

Step 7 - Steps 4, 5 and 6 are repeated over and over again until we have allocated everyone the highest preference that we can.

Step 8 - On 1 March 2018 we let our parents know which school has been offered for their child. Other LAs will write to their parents. Where we cannot offer a place that preference will be refused.

For Buckinghamshire residents, if we can’t offer any of your preferences, we normally offer a place at the nearest Buckinghamshire school that has a place available. This may not be your catchment school. If your child is qualified for grammar school, we normally offer a place at the nearest Buckinghamshire grammar school with places. If your child is not qualified, we will not automatically allocate a Buckinghamshire upper/all-ability school unless you have listed one on your application. We do not assume that you want an upper/all-ability school, as you may be sending your child to an independent school if they do not qualify.

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Last updated: 1 September 2017

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