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News update – Government announces single unitary council for Buckinghamshire

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Moving up to Secondary School

The deadline to apply for a secondary school place was 3pm on 31 October. If you have missed the deadline you can find out what to do next.

Moving up to secondary school

12. First round of allocations

When will I receive my child's secondary school offer?

If you applied before 31 December 2018, using a paper form, we will post you a letter on 1 March 2019.

All other parents will receive their child's offer by email on 1 March as well as being able to view the outcome of the application online from this date.

If we received your application after this date and by 15 March 2019, we will write to you on 4 April 2019 to let you know which school we are able to offer your child.

At the same time as we tell you which school your child has been offered, we also provide our secondary schools with the details of those children due to join them in September. The school will write to you directly with a welcome pack for your child. Please make sure you return any forms in this pack direct to the school by their deadline. Remember to tell us that you are accepting the place offered as well.

What do I need to do once I know which school my child has been offered?

By 15 March, you need to let us know what you want to do with the offer. You should tell us if you want to:

  • Accept the place offered
  • Decline the place offered
  • Remove your child from a waiting list for a school we could not offer

How can I respond to the offer?

If you applied online, you should log in to the Application Portal and submit your response. You will then receive an automated email to confirm we have received it.

If you applied using a paper form, you should either reply via our Contact Us form (you will receive an automatic reply as confirmation it has successfully reached us), or you can post us the reply slip in your offer letter.

We cannot take your response over the phone. 

If you made your application to another Local Authority, you should respond directly to them, even if your response concerns a Buckinghamshire school: your home Local Authority will share the information with us. You need to respond by no later than 15 March 2019.

What happens if I do not respond to the offer?

If you do not tell us what you would like to do by 15 March, we will contact you again to remind you that we need you to respond. At this time, if you do not reply, we will withdraw the school offer we have made, and offer the place to another child. 

You have not offered my child a place at my preferred school. What can I do?

We understand that it will be disappointing for you and your child if we are not able to offer a place at one of your preferred schools. 

However, it is sensible to accept any place offered. Accepting the place will not affect your child’s position on a waiting list or your chances of success at appeal. As well as accepting the place we have offered, there are other things that you can do at the same time if you wish. These are explained on the following pages. Make sure we receive your reply by 15 March 2018.

You should read the information about how waiting lists are managed and may also like to consider an admission appeal.

Applications made under the exceptional medical or social needs rule

If you applied for a place for your child at your preferred school under the Exceptional medical or social needs rule, education professionals (who are independent of the Admissions and Transport Team and of our secondary schools) looked at your case and the supporting evidence you provided. They decided if it was appropriate to consider your application under this rule.  If it was, this was taken into account when we were allocating places.

Please note that children with agreed exceptional medical or social needs are not necessarily the highest priority children for a place at every school: you should use the School Directory to check the admission rules for the particular school if you are unsure.

Please note that not all schools have an exceptional needs rule and that applications without supporting evidence will not have been considered.

Academies, as well as Foundation, Free and Voluntary-Aided schools, and schools in other areas, will also have considered applications made under their admission rules.

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Last updated: 7 September 2018

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