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7. Admission rules

Admission rules are used to decide who we should offer places to when we have more applications for a school than there are places available.

We use the information from your application (and Supplementary Form if the school you are applying for wanted you to fill one in) to work out which rule to list your child under. Once we have listed all children in admission rules order we can then see who can be offered a place. Make sure you also check the admission rules for schools in other areas. They may also like you to fill in a Supplementary Form

Check the School Directory to see if any of the Buckinghamshire schools you are interested in have a Supplementary Form for you to fill in. Supplementary Forms, if applicable, should be sent back to the schools by 31 October 2020.

For each of the schools you would like to put on your application, you must read their admission rules carefully. It is important to do this because schools use different rules to decide who will be allocated a place.

Make sure you include all the information the school will need to look at when your application is considered. 

Some schools give priority to children entitled to Free School Meals or for whom the primary school is in receipt of Pupil Premium. You can check their rules in the School Directory to see if this is the case, what evidence you need and where to send it and by when. Please send your evidence directly to the school.

Some schools have an exceptional medical or social needs rule that applications can be considered under, which you can check in the School Directory. If you would like to apply under this rule, you will need to submit some evidence and you can read more about this here.

Information about how places have been allocated at Buckinghamshire secondary schools in previous years, including details of the rules those places were offered under can be found on our policy pages as well as by using our ‘Find my child a school place’ service.

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Last updated: 12 April 2021

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