Late transfer September 2021 entry

4. Will my child get a grammar place?

Our grammar schools are very popular. Not all grammar schools are able to offer a place for September.  Think carefully before you apply for a place. 

For September 2020 admission, of 330 students who qualified only 57 were able to be offered a place at a grammar school.

No places were offered at Aylesbury Grammar, Aylesbury High, Beaconsfield High, Chesham Grammar, Royal Latin or Sir Henry Floyd Grammar Schools,

In the Buckinghamshire Late Transfer test children need to achieve 121 to qualify.

The admission rules for each school will decide which children are ranked higher in the waiting list, and therefore may be offered a place. You can find admission rules on each school’s website.

Your child may qualify for grammar school but may not be offered a place at a grammar school if there are more qualified applicants for the school than places available.  If this happens you can appeal against the decision, but most appeals for grammar school places are not successful, even for qualified children.  This is because the schools are already full, so please think carefully before making an appeal.

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Last updated: 17 August 2020

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