1. Overview


The Late Transfer process  is for the parents of pupils who would like their child to be tested for possible entry to Year 8 or Year 9 of a grammar school in September 2021.

Please be aware that at Late Transfer only two grammar schools were able to offer places this year to those who qualified. Please consider whether you wish for your child to follow this process without any guarantee of a grammar school place being offered. 

From 2 October you can register for testing for entry to:

  • Aylesbury Grammar School
  • Aylesbury High School
  • Beaconsfield High School
  • Burnham Grammar School
  • Chesham Grammar School
  • John Hampden Grammar School
  • The Royal Latin School - Year 8 only
  • Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School

For testing for entry into any other Buckinghamshire grammar school, you must refer directly to each school’s website. Please do not include any other schools as we will not process these.

Some (not all) schools have an ‘exceptional medical or social needs’ rule that applicants can be considered under. Please refer to each grammar school’s admissions policy.   Please note that this rule is NOT used to determine any adjustments to the grammar testing process for your child.  If you would like to apply under this rule, you will need to submit evidence to us when you make your application.

2. Testing timeline


2 October 2020

Parents register online for late transfer testing and provide school preference(s). 

All communications from us will be to the email address used to make the application.


13 November 2020 by 3pm

Closing date for registering for the test & submitting your school preferences.

Deadline for submitting:

  • address evidence, the child has to be resident at this address, on this date, for the address to be used for the first round of allocations
  • sibling evidence (please advise us whether your child has a sibling at the preference or linked school.  If you do not advise us your child may be ranked incorrectly).
  • submitting evidence of Free School Meals (please provide your NI Number, your date of birth and the first 3 letters of your surname, so that we may confirm entitlement).
  • a completed ‘Adjustments to Testing’ request form and any relevant evidence.  Any request or evidence provided after this date will not be considered.
  • exceptional medical and social evidence


16 December 2020

Invitations to sit the test on Saturday 6 February 2021 are sent via email by 5pm

Confirmation of attendance must be returned no later than 23 December 2020.


6 February 2021

Late Transfer Test takes place for any of the 8 grammar schools.


1 April 2021 by 5pm

Results of testing for those who were tested on 6 February will be emailed to parents

The results of all other students who completed the test later will be communicated as soon as possible

1st round allocations are made for children who qualified at the test.  Parents will be advised if a grammar school place can be offered.

Parents of those children who did not qualify will be advised what steps they can take next.

Changes of preference will only be accepted between 1 April and 15 April

Students who sat the test on later dates will receive details as soon as possible


15 April 2021

Deadline for changes of preference 

Any other change of preference will only be accepted if there is a change of circumstance, eg a change of home address.


14 May 2021 by 5pm

2nd round allocations are made if places are available for qualified students (any address or preference changes provided up until 15 April will be used when re-ranking the waiting lists)

Waiting list positions are advised

June 2021

Appeals begin


July 2020

Appeals continue. Further allocations are made if places become available.


3. Would you like to register your child to take the Late Transfer Test?

Before you register, make sure you have looked at the relevant schools’ admission policies.

If relevant to your application, you will also need to provide us with details of:

  • Siblings. If a sibling is allocated to a school for September 2021, after you have submitted your application, you will need to contact us. If you do not advise us and provide appropriate evidence, your child may be ranked incorrectly.
  • Free school meals, pupil premium
  • Medical/social needs which may affect the ranking of your child


This must be provided for all applications no later than 13 November 2020. The address used for the first round of allocations will be the address at which the child is resident on 13 November 2020.

The address you enter on the online registration form must be the child's 'normal home address’ (where you and your child live together and is the child's only/main residence).

Proof of residence must be provided to confirm this, in the form of a council tax bill and current utility bill (gas or electric but not water no more than 3 months old).

The evidence can be sent through our contact us form or posted to the Admissions team. Please include the name and date of birth of your child, when sending in evidence.

Living overseas

If you are currently living overseas and moving to the UK or returning to your own property in Buckinghamshire for the academic year September 2021, the address which will be used for the first allocation will be the address in which your child is living on 13 November 2020.

You will be required to provide proof of residence. 

A Buckinghamshire address will not be considered as the home address until we have evidence that your child is residing at that address. This will include council tax bill, a utility bill showing usage, and further evidence to show you have relocated.

Service families

Where service families or families of other crown servants, who often move within the UK and abroad are posted to the area, a unit postal address or quartering area address will be sufficient in the absence of a new home address.


Moving into Buckinghamshire

If you have moved into the area after the deadline of the 13 November 2020, refer to our In-Year admissions process.

Register for the test

The online portal for applications is open between 2 October and  3pm on 13 November 2020.

As part of the registration for testing, you will also need to provide us with your grammar school preferences.

Registration closed 13 November at 3pm

We will let you know your child’s test results on 1 April 2021 by 5pm

4. Will my child get a grammar place?

Our grammar schools are very popular. Not all grammar schools are able to offer a place for September.  Think carefully before you apply for a place. 

For September 2020 admission, of 330 students who qualified only 57 were able to be offered a place at a grammar school.

No places were offered at Aylesbury Grammar, Aylesbury High, Beaconsfield High, Chesham Grammar, Royal Latin or Sir Henry Floyd Grammar Schools,

In the Buckinghamshire Late Transfer test children need to achieve 121 to qualify.

The admission rules for each school will decide which children are ranked higher in the waiting list, and therefore may be offered a place. You can find admission rules on each school’s website.

Your child may qualify for grammar school but may not be offered a place at a grammar school if there are more qualified applicants for the school than places available.  If this happens you can appeal against the decision, but most appeals for grammar school places are not successful, even for qualified children.  This is because the schools are already full, so please think carefully before making an appeal.

5. Preparation for testing

Your child will take the test at one of the Buckinghamshire grammar schools.

An invitation to test which includes the time, location and any other information you will require for the day of the test, will be emailed to you on 16 December 2020 by 5pm.  We will send the email to the email address that you used to register for Late Transfer.

Your child will prepare for the test by completing Familiarisation at home. The Familiarisation provided is online.  The online Familiarisation materials contain information about what is in the test. There is also advice about tackling the test and sample questions.  This makes sure your child has the chance to see the style of the test and to try out some of the question types.   

How parents can best help their children to prepare for the test

  • Make sure your child has experience of working quietly on their own. Make sure there are no distractions or interruptions.
  • Make sure your child does any homework that is set.
  • Help your child to read with understanding.
  • You can ask them what certain words mean and what is happening in the passage or book that they are reading.
  • You can encourage your child to solve problems or to look up things for themselves.
  • Your child can work through the Familiarisation materials.

6. What if my child’s disability or special educational needs may make it difficult for them to access the Late Transfer test?

If your child has special educational needs or a disability, you may want to think about whether a grammar school would be best for them.

If your child's special educational needs or disability has ‘a substantial and long-term adverse effect on their ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities', you should talk to their current school Headteacher. If your child's situation might make access to the test difficult, discuss whether special testing arrangements should be requested.

If you would like your child to take the Late Transfer test but believe that special adjustments will need to be made, you MUST contact us (when registration  opens on 2 October) for the relevant request form and return this to us completed with relevant evidence, before the deadline of 13 November.  Requests or evidence received after this date will not be considered.  

Please be aware that when considering a request for adjustments, we look for evidence from your child's current school to show how they change the delivery of the normal day-to-day curriculum to meet your child’s needs. We also look for other professional evidence to support your request.

We cannot offer extra marks to compensate for any special needs your child may have. This is because each child's case is different. It is impossible to say exactly how many marks would be appropriate. If we decide that your child:

  • is disabled within the terms of the Equality Act (2010), or
  • has a disability that will have a clear impact in relation to the format of the test,

 we offer appropriate and reasonable arrangements to make the test as accessible as possible.

7. The day of the test

The Late Transfer Test is on Saturday 6 February 2021.

GL Assessment will provide the Late Transfer Test for September 2021 entry.

The paper-based test is designed to assess a child’s suitability for grammar school.  It tests whether your child can think through and work out verbal, non-verbal and mathematical problems. This gives your child the chance to show their skills in different ways - using words, numbers and pictures or diagrams.

There is ONE Late Transfer test paper which is multiple-choice and lasts one hour.

An invigilator will give the instructions for the test.


'Identification and Fit for Testing' form

When your child arrives for testing, they must bring with them a completed 'Identification and Fit for Testing' form.

You will receive more information about the 'Identification and Fit for Testing' form with your testing invitation. You must fill in this form and bring it to the Late Transfer Testing session. Without this form we will not be able to test your child. This form is to enable you to confirm that your child is well on the test date. Attach a photograph of your child to the form so we can check their identity too.


Illness on the day of the test

It is very important that if your child is unwell, they do not take the Late Transfer Test. 

If your child is unwell and is due to take the test at a grammar school, you must give us evidence to show why your child is not able to take the test. If the evidence shows there were exceptional reasons for your child not taking the test, we will offer one alternative test date.

If your child does not attend testing at the grammar school on the day of the Late Transfer Test you will need to tell us why. Unless there is a reasonable explanation, we will withdraw your child from the testing process.

If your child cannot come to the tests at the grammar school due to illness, we need you to send us a letter from your GP. This letter must confirm that your child was not well enough to take the test.

If your child becomes unwell during testing, and is unable to complete a test paper, they will not be able to re-sit that paper on a later date.


Children living abroad

If you are currently living abroad, we will not test your child until they return to the UK.