Late transfer procedure September 2019 Admission

1. Late Transfer Testing Introduction

The Late Transfer process for September 2020 admission will be available on this web site from September 2019


Please read the following information carefully.  Failure to do so may result in your child not being tested.

Please be aware that at Late Transfer testing there are very few places available to allocate to those who qualify, and many applicants will be disappointed.  For 2018 entry we tested 488 children for entry into Year 8 and 9, of which 181 qualified. Of the 181 who qualified children we were only able to offer 68 places. Please see the Late Transfer 2018 allocation profile for a breakdown of the places offered.

Therefore, please note that even if your child were to qualify at Late Transfer testing, this does not guarantee that a place will be offered at a grammar school. Please consider carefully whether you wish to follow the process without any guarantee of a grammar school place at the end of the process.  

This process is managed by the Admissions and Transport Team and is for entry into the following 8 schools that are part of the Buckinghamshire Consortium only:

  • Aylesbury Grammar School
  • Aylesbury High School
  • Beaconsfield High School
  • Burnham Grammar School
  • Chesham Grammar School
  • John Hampden Grammar School
  • The Royal Latin School – Year 8 only
  • Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School

The dates and information below relate to the above schools only. For entry into any other Buckinghamshire grammar school you must refer directly to the school website for further information.

Please note that Wycombe High School utilise the same test as the Buckinghamshire Consortium. If you wish your child to sit the test for entry to Wycombe High School you will need to contact the school directly. We will accept the results from Wycombe High School and standardise them according to our process and this will be valid for the Consortium Schools, however, the results from the Bucks Consortium are not accepted by Wycombe High School, therefore a child cannot sit both tests.

The Late Transfer test is independently produced by the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM) at the University of Durham. The test has been specially designed to work out the child’s potential for grammar school. The Late Transfer test is a computer based test, that may be taken on either a desktop or a laptop computer.

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Last updated: 1 July 2019

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