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Late transfer procedure September 2018 Admission

5. Late Transfer testing process

What happens next?

We will email you on the 19 January 2018 to invite your child to sit the test. If you do not see your email in your main inbox, please check your 'spam' or 'junk' folder. The invitation will provide the following details:

  • test venue
  • test time.
  • Fit to test form
  • information that you and your child require to prepare for the computer based test.
  • the web link to the ‘Familiarisation to the test’

We will not be able to provide this information before the 19 January. Please contact us if you submitted your application before the deadline, but do not receive an invitation to test on the 19 January. Invitations to test will be emailed to the email address used to register the application.  Please check your SPAM or junk folders if you do not receive your invitation to test.

Please be aware that once the test venue and time have been allocated, these cannot be changed.  Please do NOT turn up at an alternative test venue or alternative test time and request that your child be tested as the test venue will refuse admission.  Your child will only be able to sit the test at the venue and time allocated.


Familiarisation to the test

All candidates must have accessed the familiarisation website prior to attending the testing session. A link to the familiarisation will be included with the email inviting your child to sit the test.

The purpose of familiarisation is to help the candidate understand

  • the procedures involved in the computer based test
  • introduce them to the look and feel of the assessments
  • the ways of answering questions through the use of keyboard and/or mouse.

To access the familiarisation website please refer to the invitation letter that will be emailed to candidates on 19 January 2018

The CEM familiarisation site has been enabled for Windows desktop machines. Unfortunately, issues with the familiarisation site may arise where Flash player has not been installed, or is not available by default. This means that viewing is not currently supported on Mac machines or mobile/ tablet devices, or where Flash plugins have been disabled or are not up to date.   Candidates without personal access to a suitable machine may wish to seek assistance from their current school, or local library facility.

Transfer Test details

The test will last approximately 75 minutes, including time for the examples and instruction. This will be a single test, with no break.  The test will assess verbal ability, numerical ability and non-verbal ability. The test will be taken as an online test, using a desktop computer or laptop. This will not be a paper based test.

What if my child cannot attend testing on 3 February 2018?

It is very important that your child does not take the Late Transfer Test if they are unwell: if your child does not attend testing for this reason, you must submit a letter from your child's GP to confirm what happened.

Any child who does not attend testing on the day of the Late Transfer Test without a reasonable explanation will automatically be withdrawn from the testing process.   A clash of test date with that of another school/Local Authority is not an exceptional reason. 

If you child is unwell on the test date, and evidence is provided, then one alternative test date, only, will be offered.

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Last updated: 31 January 2018

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