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12. Selection Review

Selection Reviews take place in December 2021 and January 2022.

A Selection Review is a chance for you to explain, in writing, why you feel a grammar school would be best for your child.

The Selection Review panel will decide if your child would be suitable for a grammar school even though their STTS was less than 121.


Selection Review Panel

On each Selection Review Panel there are two grammar school headteachers and one primary school headteacher. All the headteachers who sit on the panels will receive training. They understand the nature of the decisions they are taking. They will not consider cases of children known to them or from schools in which they have an interest.

Cases are usually heard in date order of receipt.. The Selection Review Panel will not know the secondary schools you have applied for.

You might include a report from an Educational Psychologist or another specialist (for example, medical consultant or ophthalmologist) in your case. In this instance, your child’s review will be heard by a panel supported by an Educational Psychologist (EP). The EP provides expert information to the panel to help them come to a decision.


Some things for you to think about

Strong academic evidence will be vital to the success of a review.

The Selection Review Panel (SRP) will look for clear academic evidence to show that a grammar school would be best for your child.

The Panel will also want to see evidence of any exceptional reasons to show why your child did not do as well as expected in the Secondary Transfer Test.

We will give the SRP information about how your child performed in the Secondary Transfer Test. The Panel will be given your child's scores in the verbal, mathematical and non-verbal sections of the test as well as their STTS.


Children who go to a Buckinghamshire local authority primary or Partner school

If your child goes to a Buckinghamshire LA primary or Partner school, the SRP will also have information from your child’s current headteacher. This will tell the panel if they believe your child would be suitable for a grammar school and their attitude to work (learning).

Headteachers give us this information before they know your child's results.




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