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Grammar schools and Secondary Transfer Testing - 2020 Entry

15. How do I request a Selection Review?

Children who go to a Buckinghamshire local authority primary or partner school

If your child goes to a Buckinghamshire LA primary or Partner school, ask their headteacher for a Selection Review pack. This contains the forms you need and information about the Selection Review Process. 

Children who attend out of county schools

If your child goes to any other school, please ask us for a Selection Review pack.

The Selection Review pack

The review pack will also contain a Headteacher’s Selection Review Summary Sheet. Ask your child's headteacher to complete this. This gives the Selection Review Panel up-to-date information about how your child is doing at school. It will be for you to decide if you wish to include the headteacher’s form with your review paperwork.
The deadline to return the Selection Review Request Form is 8 November 2019. Send us your supporting information and evidence at the same time.


Late reviews

We will only accept completed review requests received after 8 November 2019 if:

  •  your child completed the test after 12 September 2019, or
  • there are exceptional reasons for not meeting the deadline. Please provide third party evidence to confirm these reasons.


The final date we will accept a completed review request is 12 June 2020.

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Last updated: 11 November 2019

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