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Grammar schools and Secondary Transfer Testing - 2020 Entry

13. Grammar School suitability

Your child's headteacher can recommend your child as:

  • Exceptionally able, so very highly recommended, or
  • Very able, so recommended without any reservation, or
  • Recommended with reservation, or
  • Not recommended for grammar school.

Your child's attitude to learning can be described as:

  • Enjoys challenge and is a highly motivated independent learner, or
  • Consistently hardworking and reliable, or
  • Output varies, or
  • Lacks self-organisation, requires support.

Children who go to a Buckinghamshire local authority primary or partner school

Buckinghamshire LA primary and Partner headteachers give us this information before they know the results of the Secondary Transfer Test. 


Children who attend an out of county school

If your child goes to an out of county school, their headteacher can give us this information if you ask for a Selection Review. You can ask them to complete a Headteacher's Selection Review Summary Sheet on your child's behalf.

How this information is used by the Selection Review panel

The Selection Review Panel values this information. It gives them an idea of the context in which your child is working at school. It also enables them to see how unexpected a child's STTS may have been when compared to their headteacher's recommendation.

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Last updated: 11 November 2019

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