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Children who go to a Buckinghamshire local authority primary school

Children who go to a Buckinghamshire LA primary school will be automatically registered for the Secondary Transfer Test.

All parents will be given a booklet which shows examples of the type of questions that will be asked.

This test is not compulsory. Before your child sits the test, think about whether a grammar school place is suitable for them.

You can withdraw your child from the Secondary Transfer Test. To do this, let your child's headteacher know as soon as possible, in writing.

Children who attend out of county and partner schools

Parents of children going to other schools needed to register their child for testing by 28 June 2018. This includes Partner schools and all schools outside of the county, including those in Milton Keynes.

Late test registration is only available after 28 June 2018 for children moving into the area.

Please think carefully about whether a grammar school is suitable for your child. If, having registered them, you no longer want them to be tested, please let us know. We will then withdraw them from the test.

The GL Assessment Secondary Transfer Test is designed for Buckinghamshire grammar schools. It cannot be considered as ‘practice’ for tests in other Local Authorities.

Parents can see details of previous allocations. These show how many children from areas outside of Buckinghamshire gained grammar school places.

Registration closed on 28 June at 3pm

How much does the test cost?

There is no charge to parents for their child sitting the entrance test. The cost of testing is paid for by the grammar schools.

The Secondary Transfer Test Score (STTS) 

To qualify for a grammar school, a child needs to achieve an STTS score of 121 or above.

Admission to individual schools

As well as needing a score of 121, each grammar school sets its own criteria for admissions. Please refer to each individual grammar school’s admission policy for details.

When applying their admission rules grammar schools do not use STTS scores to rank order children. There is no advantage for children with higher scores.

Registration closed on 28 June at 3pm

Late testing

Children can take the test later under certain circumstances. This could be for example if they are ill on the test date, or recently moved to Bucks.

If children take the test later than 13 September 2018, the results may not be available on 12 October 2018.

Late testing is possible for children who move into the area between 28 June 2018 and 28 June 2019.

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