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4. Moving to Grammar School

If you are moving into Buckinghamshire and you are seeking a grammar school place you can request for your child to be tested. Evidence of your move will need to be approved before testing will be agreed

We recommend that you also apply for an upper school place as it may take up to 8 weeks for a test date to be arranged.

Most grammar schools are nearly always full so there is no guarantee of a Buckinghamshire grammar school place being available through this process, even if a child qualifies.

Who you apply to

You will either need to apply directly to the grammar school or to the Admission team. The in-year application checker will let you know who you need to apply to. Please check this before making an application.

Who to apply to

Ensure that you have your evidence

You will need to upload your supporting evidence with your application . You cannot submit your application without it. Please ensure you know what evidence you will need to provide and that you have an electronic copy of this evidence before you start to complete the application.

Make the application

Complete the online application form. Once you have submitted your application you will receive an acknowledgment email that will confirm that we have your application.

We will email you

We will review your application and we will email you to let you know:

  • that we require further evidence. You will be required to log in and submit this via your application.
  • we are processing your application and we will advise you when we will write to you.

Receiving the outcome

Your application will be processed your application will be processed, and we will contact you with the test details within 20 school days.

Exceptional circumstances

If you have not moved into Buckinghamshire or have exceptional circumstances why your child should move to a grammar school. You will need to provide evidence from your child’s current school and/or other source.

If your child is tested and qualifies, please refer to the school to determine how long the qualification will be valid.

We will not consider your application if your child has already sat the Transfer Test.


If your child will require a place in Year 10 or Year 11

All Buckinghamshire Grammar schools undertake their own testing for entry in to Key Stage 4. Each school’s decision to deem your child qualified for admission applies only to that school. Some schools commence their GCSE courses in the summer term of Year 9, and will manage their KS4 admission process for this point.

You should check with your preferred schools about the timing of their individual testing process for entry into KS4. Once schools have  set their KS4 options your child’s preferred options may not be available, even if a place could be offered. Think carefully before choosing to disrupt your child’s GCSE’s by requiring a school move part-way through this crucial part of their education.

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Last updated: 10 September 2021

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