Changing school in-year

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5. Check for school places

You can check if a school has a current vacancy

Check school places

  • We aim to update this information on a weekly basis during term time but during busy periods this is not always possible.  
  • This information is given as a guide only as the situation can change on a daily basis. 
  • In many cases where the vacancy says YES it may mean there is only 1 place.  

Will a place be offered if there is a vacancy?

If a school has a vacancy when you apply you may not be offered the place

  • as the place may be filled by the time your application is processed
  • there may be other parents also applying for a place for their child who may have a higher priority for a place than your child.
  • We may already be working to fill places from the continuing interest list and  the place may not be available when you make your application.

Can an application be made to a school that does not have a vacancy?

You may still apply for a school which doesn’t have any vacancies, and if we are unable to offer your child a place then you will have the right to appeal and to request for your child's name to remain on the continuing interest list for the remainder of the school year.

Who to apply to

You will either need to apply directly to the school or to the council. The in-year application checker will let you know who you need to apply to.

Who to apply to

Considerations to be made when making an in year application 

Please note that Admissions and Transport Policies are not linked and the Council’s Transport policy is only to provide free transport to a child’s nearest school.  We will not always provide transport to an alternative nearer school purely on the basis that vacancies exist.  Please refer to the complete transport policy so you understand the implications on transport of the preferences you express.

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Last updated: 21 June 2021

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