In Year variation 2019 Chesham Grammar School catchment area

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First published: 19 April 2018
Last updated: 12 April 2021

Chesham Grammar School – Decision of the Office of the Schools Adjudicator to amend the catchment area.

 We were in the process of consulting on behalf of Chesham Grammar School (CGS) to widen the catchment area to include Chalfont St Peter (‘area7’) so that boys in the area have two grammar school catchment choice. In parallel with this consultation there was also an objection to the Chesham Grammar School 2019 admission rules and the matter was referred to the Office of the Schools Adjudicator (OSA) by an interested third party.

The adjudicators decision has now been published and can be viewed at

The adjudicator notes:

’52…On the basis of the evidence presented to me in relation to the operation of the arrangements for 2018, I have concluded that the arrangements for admission to the school have operated to create an unfairness, and that this unfairness is likely to recur in relation to admissions to the school in September 2019 unless the arrangements are amended….

53…The school has decided to apply for an in-year variation for admissions in 2019. It will not be necessary for this action to be taken because I uphold this objection on the basis that the arrangements for admission to the school in September 2019 do not comply with paragraph 14 of the Code…

59…There appears to be no logical reason for the exclusion of this area from the school’s catchment. Because of its distance from Dr Challoner’s Grammar School, which is the only grammar school including this area within its catchment, there is a foreseeable risk that boys in this area will not be offered a grammar school place in September 2019.’

Therefore as the objection has been upheld, the in-year variation is no longer needed so we have closed the consultation and the school will be publishing a revised catchment area map to include ‘area 7’ in due course. The LA and all grammar schools will be carrying out a more extensive review of all sole grammar school catchment areas for implementation in September 2020 to ensure that the catchments comply with Paragraph 14 of the Admissions Code and to reduce the potential need for children to travel a disproportionate distance to a grammar school.

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