Consultation on 2022 proposed admission arrangements

Community and voluntary controlled schools 

Each year we update the admissions arrangements for the schools for which the council is the admission authority (voluntary controlled and community schools). We also update and refresh (where necessary) the ‘schemes’ which set out how we will manage the phased allocation processes and we reconfirm the Relevant Area as the county boundary.

Our admissions consultation document can be read in full here


  • No consultation proposed on Admissions Scheme for 2022 entry
    or on Primary or Secondary admission rules for 2022 entry
  • No consultation on Planned Admission Number (PAN) increases as
    there is no requirement to formally consult on increasing a PAN, but to note increase proposed to Hughenden Primary Reception entry point and Little Chalfont Combined School for the junior entry point.
  • Consultation on changes to primary school catchment areas for
    Denham Village Infant School in conjunction with a parallel
    consultation of Denham Green E-Act Academy

Finally, we have to consult annually to set our relevant area for the next year.


The consultation runs from 3 December 2020 to 21 January 2021.

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Voluntary aided, foundation schools and academies

The governing bodies of voluntary aided, foundation schools and academies are their own admission authorities and therefore responsible for consulting on any proposed changes to their 2022 admission arrangements. When this occurs, the details must be made available on each school's website.

Consultation must take place for at least six weeks between 1 October and 31 January.


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