Admissions policies

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First published: 27 December 2016
Last updated: 12 April 2021

Each school has an admissions policy which means it can fairly decide which children can go to the school. These policies will help you understand how the decisions will be made in your child's case.

The policies can change as circumstances change so it is important you look at the policies for the year your child will be admitted into the school: if your child is starting part-way through a year they will be admitted according to the policies set for the previous September.

Who decides what the policies will be?

As the admission authority we set the admissions policies for community and voluntary controlled primary and secondary schools. Voluntary Aided and Academy schools decide their own policies; there is usually a consultation if a policy change is proposed. Links to the consultations will be found on this page at the appropriate time of year. Following consultation each admission authority should make a final decision about their rules and publish them.

After each years arrangements have been determined any objections can be referred to the Office of the Schools Adjudicator by 15 May in the determined year.

If you cannot find the rules for schools you are interested in, please check the school's own website.

Random allocation procedure

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