Appeal a school admission decision

7. Your appeal during the Covid-19 crisis

Your appeal will be considered by the Appeal Panel on the basis of written information only provided by you and the admission authority, under the government’ emergency covid regulations and guidance.

The Appeals Team will write to you to tell you how and when your appeal will be considered by the Appeal Panel.

The Clerk to the Appeal Panel will send you written questions on your case for you to answer.  You will be able to submit written questions for the admission authority to answer.

Please see the flowchart and read the Parent’s Guide for more information.

It is very important that parents can fully explain their case. 

You can ask a friend or relative to help you provide your written reasons for appeal. 

If you have any difficulty in explaining your reasons for appeal in writing and need additional support, you should contact the Appeals Team as soon as possible.

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Last updated: 12 April 2021

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