Appeal a school admission decision

3. What evidence should you submit?

For all appeals, you will need to say in your appeal form why you want the school place and provide documents in support, if possible.  For example,

  • you need to focus on what you feel the particular school you are appealing for can offer your child that the allocated or other schools cannot.
  • if you have medical or social or educational reasons for wanting the school place, provide written evidence from a doctor, medical practitioner, education or other professional.
  • if you want a place at the school due to the subjects offered there or the school’s ethos, explain why you particularly want these subjects or ethos.
  • if your reasons are due to a house move, provide written evidence of exchange of contracts or tenancy. (Do not send us the whole tenancy agreement or contract; a first and signature page or solicitor’s letter is enough).
  • if you are unhappy with the current school, explain what has happened and what you and the school have done to deal with the problems, and provide supporting letters, emails and reports. 
  • if your reasons relate to transport, provide information and maps.
  • if your reasons relate to family circumstances, provide details and supporting evidence.

These are examples only and it is your responsibility to provide your evidence and documents in support of your appeal and send it to the Appeals Team on time.

You will need to show that there are very strong reasons for wanting a place at the particular school as the school is probably already full and considers it cannot admit another child without harming the education of the other children.

For appeals for grammar school where your child is unqualified you will need to provide additional evidence.

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Last updated: 12 April 2021

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