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Making an appeal after a selection review

If your child’s selection review was unsuccessful, you cannot request an admission appeal until after 1 March, once your child’s Home LA has written to tell you that a place cannot be offered at a preferred Buckinghamshire grammar school.

Appeal a school admission decision

3. The appeal hearing

The Education Appeals Team will give you 10 days’ notice of the appeal date, time and venue.  (You may receive 2 hearing appointments when there are a number of parents appealing for a school. At the first appointment, the admission authority will explain to all parents why places were refused. At the second appointment, only you will be invited to attend to explain why you want the school place).  

A choice of appeal dates cannot be given due to the volume of appeals received. Appeals take place on school days only.

A week before the appeal, you will also be sent copies of the admission authority’s case saying why it refused the school place, and copies of all documents you have submitted to the Education Appeals Team in support of your appeal.

If you cannot attend the appeal, please inform the Education Appeals Team as soon as possible so the IAP is not kept waiting and the Clerk to the IAP does not contact you.  If you wish to withdraw your appeal, please confirm this in writing to the Education Appeals Team.

If you do not attend the appeal hearing, the IAP will make a decision in your absence taking into consideration all the information received from you.

At an appeal hearing, you will be invited to say why you want the school place and the admission authority will explain why the place was refused. After you and the admission authority have left the room and the IAP has considered all the evidence presented, the IAP will make its decision, and you will either be successful or unsuccessful in obtaining the school place for your child.

The IAP’s decision is legally binding on you, the school and the admission authority. You will be informed of the decision by letter which will be sent by first class post (and not over the telephone or email) no later than 5 school days after the appeal (or the last appeal where there are multiple appeals for a school).

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Last updated: 18 December 2018

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