Appeal a school admission decision

4. How to submit your appeal evidence

You must explain in writing on the appeal form why you want the school place.  Documents and written evidence in support of your appeal should be submitted when completing the online appeal form.

Can further evidence be submitted?

If you wish to add further documents and written evidence in support of your appeal can be sent to the Appeals Team (by post, email or hand delivery).

Please remember:

  • It is your responsibility to provide evidence in support of your appeal and on time
  • The Appeals Team and the Appeal Panel cannot obtain evidence on your behalf
  • The type of evidence you need to send depends on the type of appeal
  • If you make more than one appeal, send separate copies of your evidence for each
  • Do not re-send documents
  • Number pages and write your child’s name on them
  • Write your reference number on documents sent separately from your appeal form
  • Provide documents in A4 size
  • Do not send:
    original documents; photographs of documents
    (they cannot be copied);
    highlighted documents
    (copies will be illegible);
    PowerPoint, video or other audio/visual presentations; letters of support from the school you are appealing for
    schoolwork or certificates
    ** (they will not be sent to the Appeal Panel);
    your Selection Review paperwork in grammar appeals

*You may send letters of support from your child’s current or previous school

**You can submit a written summary of relevant certificates/achievements

***The Admissions Team will provide the Appeal Panel with the Selection Review paperwork in grammar school appeals


Deadlines for submitting evidence

For secondary appeals submitted by 28 March – your evidence must be received by the Appeals Team by 5pm on Friday 16 April.

For primary appeals submitted by 16 April – your evidence must be received by the Appeals Team by 5pm on Tuesday 1 June.

For other appeals - evidence must be received by the Appeals Team by the evidence deadline date notified to parents by letter.

If evidence or information is received late, the Appeal Panel may not be able to take it into account or your appeal may be delayed


At least a week before the appeal begins, the Appeals Team will send you copies of the school’s written case explaining why it refused your application for a school place and all the documents you have submitted.  Please contact the Appeals Team immediately if anything is missing.

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Last updated: 12 April 2021

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