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Elective home education

Educating your child at home

Most parents choose to send their child to school, but you do have the right to educate your child at home. The reasons that parents elect to home educate their child, or children, are extremely varied. 

Some parents make a philosophical, planned decision to home educate their child or children, and research the area in depth.   However, we find that many parents turn to home education as a reaction to a school-based issue or dissatisfaction with a school environment.   

If there is a school-based issue, we strongly advise you not to withdraw your child from school until you have explored all the options. The decision by parents to elect to educate their child at home should be an informed, active and positive one. 

It is important that parents obtain sufficient information about home education before making the decision.

For more information please see our Guidance for parents seeking to educate their children at home.

Government Guidelines

States that as a parent, you must make sure your child receives efficient and suitable full-time education from the age of 5 (compulsory school age).

A child becomes 'compulsory school age' at the start of the first term commencing on or after their fifth birthday. A child continues to be of compulsory school age until the last Friday of June in the school year that they reach sixteen.

Your Responsibility

Is to ensure your child receives education that is suitable to their age, ability, aptitude and any other special needs they have.

This can be done through regular attendance at school or through electing to educate them at home.

Local Authority

We respect your right to choose to educate your child at home, rather than have them attending a school.

We believe in working in partnership with you to offer advice and guidance through:

  • Home visits
  • Telephone calls
  • Email communications
  • Links and resources on the Website
  • Letters

Efficient and suitable education

The education provided to your child must be appropriate to their age, ability and aptitude taking into consideration any special education needs they may have.

You do not have to follow the national curriculum but you may find it useful especially if you want your child to attend a school later on or your child is working towards public examinations like GCSEs.


Parents who choose to educate their children at home must be prepared to assume full financial responsibility, including bearing the cost of any public examinations.

Starting home education

Parents must give written notification to the school informing them that the child is receiving education otherwise than at school in the form of Home Education.

You can tell us you have decided to educate your child at home using our Elective home education information record form below:

Elective Home Education Form 


Where a child has a Statement or an Education Health Care Plan and Elective Home Education is requested you must contact the Local Authority SEN department. 

The LA will arrange an Annual Review to satisfy that a suitable provision will be made.

Colleges that accept year 10 & 11 Home Schooled applicants


Home Educated Youth Group

In September 2017 we are starting a new youth program for Home Educated Young people. HOME FACULTY is a weekly group that brings together young people who are home educated in the Aylesbury area.

Form more information please contact the elective home education team at or telephone 01296 382687

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