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7. Managed moves

A managed move is a formal transfer of a child from one school to another. It only happens when both schools, the child and their parent or carer agree to the move.

It is a temporary arrangement of up to 12 weeks. At the end of the temporary arrangement, both schools, the child and the parent or carer will agree whether or not the transfer should become permanent.

A managed move could be set up if your child has been identified as being at risk of exclusion and other support strategies have not been successful.

A managed move is not appropriate when:

  • your child is not registered at a school
  • you want to transfer your child to another school through the normal admissions process

A managed move will only happen if everyone involved agrees it is the right thing to do. You can choose not to accept the suggestion of a managed move.


People involved in the process

The managed move is coordinated by the head teachers of both schools. If both schools agree, a meeting will be set which will be attended by senior staff from both schools, the child, the parent or carer, the Pupil Referral Unit, Exclusions and Reintegration Officer, and where appropriate representatives from other agencies who are working directly with the family.

At the meeting, dates will be agreed for a review part way through the placement, and at the end of the placement.


School transport

If the proposed new school is more than 3 miles away from your home (2 miles if your child is under 8 years), we will provide and pay for transport if we have identified the school as appropriate for your child. This is usually a bus pass.


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Last updated: 18 March 2020

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