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5. Fixed term exclusions

A head teacher may decide that your child cannot attend school for a fixed period of time as a consequence of your child’s behaviour.

For the first five days of any exclusion, you are responsible for your child’s supervision during school hours. Your child will be required to continue with their school work while they are excluded.  Please talk to the head teacher about what is expected from your child during this time. 

Risk of prosecution if child is found in public place

You must ensure that your child is not present in a public place during school hours without good reason. You are liable to prosecution or a fine if your child is found without a good reason.

If the exclusion is for longer than five days, the school is responsible for organising a full time teaching provision for your child. In some circumstances this may be on the school site.

Challenging the exclusion

You can of course discuss the decision with the head teacher. The governing body must consider anything you want to say but the rules vary according to how long the exclusion lasts. 

The governors have the power to decide whether or not the head teacher was justified in excluding the pupil. Their opinion is recorded on the pupil's file and they may add any additional documents they think appropriate like the pupil's version of the incident or a parent's statement. They do not have the power to erase the exclusion from the pupil's record. 

  • 1-5 days in a term (add all the days together if more than 1 exclusion) - The governors must consider anything you wish to say and may meet you. There is no time limit but it should be reasonably prompt. 
  • 6-15 days - The governors must meet within 50 school days after the exclusion, if you request a meeting. The governors have the power to decide to reinstate the pupil immediately or by a particular date. 
  • More than 15 days - The governors must meet within 15 school days whether you request it or not. You will be invited to the meeting. The governors have the power to decide to reinstate the pupil immediately or by a particular date. 
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Last updated: 12 March 2019

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