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1. Educational resources

In recent years we have been developing services for schools, which can bring local archives into the classroom to compliment the topics taught at  Key Stages in the National Curriculum.

These are on hold at present but we hope to restart them soon. Our web based packs are available as are our Victorians, Tudors and World War I resources.

Packs have been produced to for the workshops but they can also be purchased.  The CBS has other resources which may be of use to teachers and pupils alike.


Making Victorian life real 

Hard copy packs for the workshop are free, but can be purchased for £15.

This pack is a taken from our archives and the County Museum.  The pack contains 20 copies of photos, census returns and maps as a case study of Miss Millburn, schoolmistress at St. Johns school, Aylesbury.  The pack can be copied for use in class or used to create a display.


Victorian crime and punishment

Free CD Rom for the workshop of same name.  Only available with the workshop. This pack is made from our archives and the Buckinghamshire County Museum. 

It contains copies of photo's, census returns and maps of Aylesbury during the Victorian genre painting of The Jury, by John Morgan.


Tudor Buckinghamshire

CD Rom for the workshop are free, but can be purchased for £9.99 from our archives or the County Museum.

Tudor records including, parish registers and clothing accounts are copied and translated. A section on buildings identifies Tudor buildings and their features in the county and there are quiz pages for children to use.


Buckinghamshire Soldiers in WWI: Not Forgotten

A CD which starts with documents in PowerPoint and show aspects of the war as it affected the Buckinghamshire regiments.  Then documents on the lives of three different Buckinghamshire soldiers from very different walks of life. Letters, census returns, trench log books, photo's and diaries are all used to convey the life of a soldier during the First War.  There is also an artefacts box which represents a soldier’s kit and can be borrowed by schools. 

Price £5 

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Last updated: 1 July 2020

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