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Buckinghamshire Archives houses our Local Studies and Archives collections. Both are available for the public to access for free.


Local Studies

Local Studies holds 20th century Ordnance Survey (OS) maps. These are maps from Second edition (1899-1900) up until the National Grid editions of the 1960s.



Our Archive collection holds all other early OS and historical maps. These include:

  • Ordnance Survey maps, 6 inches : mile and 25 inches : mile (First editions)
  • Parliamentary Inclosure maps (and awards) from c.1760-1830 (Ref: IR ...)
  • Parish tithe maps (and apportionments) c.1840-1850 (Ref: PR ... or Tithe ..)
  • Private estate maps (various).
  • 1910 valuation survey (maps and schedules) covering most of the county. (Ref: DVD ....)

Catalogues for Inclosure, tithe and estate maps have been combined. These are filed alphabetically by parish for ease of access.

There are also many county maps, such as Bryant's, of 1824, and a Visual Map Index. The latter is for use with the Quarter Sessions Highway Diversion maps, available in the search room.

None of the maps are available online at present.


Manorial records

Catalogues of manorial records are arranged alphabetically by parish and manor (Ref: D/BASM/...).  Records begin in the 14th century, and until the 18th, users should expect to find the majority of documents written in Latin.  They include:

  • court rolls for the manorial courts.
  • transfers of property within the manor.
  • rentals and accounts.
  • manorial surveys.


Sale catalogues

Particulars of properties put up for sale or auction, dating from the 19th century onwards. References to individual properties are found by using the card index, arranged by parish, which is available in the Archives search room.



Other classes of records, not already mentioned above and useful for local history, include:

  • turnpike records (Ref: T/... and Q/Rut ....).
  • deposited plans (index)
  • registers of electors, 1832-date (Ref: R/E).
  • photographs (including over 23,000 available on-line in the Buckinghamshire Photographs pages.)
  • census returns, 1841-1891 (available on microform in Local Studies).
  • local newspapers, from 1832-date.  See our on-line list of Local Newspapers in Buckinghamshire for further details

Some suggestions of further reading for local history:

  • Church and State: a Guide for Local Historians, by J. H. Bettey.
  • Local History for Beginners, by Robert Dunning.
  • The Handwriting of English Documents, by L.C. Hector.
  • The Local Historian's Encyclopaedia, by  J. Richardson.
  • Record Sources for Local History, by Philip Riden.
  • Sources for English Local History, by W.B. Stephens.

Further titles are available for reference.

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