Historic Environment Record

The Buckinghamshire Historic Environment Record (HER) is the main database of historical information for Buckinghamshire. We house a wide range of information about archaeological sites and finds, including:

  • a computerised database
  • supporting paper records
  • maps
  • a collection of aerial photographs and slides
  • a library

The collection is held in Walton Street Offices, Aylesbury. It's open to the public, by appointment, 5 days a week. Contact us by email her@buckinghamshire.gov.uk


How to access the HER

You can search the full list of records on our online database Buckinghamshire’s Heritage Portal

To access anything, you can make an enquiry online. Access is by appointment only using a queuing system. Where appropriate some users must agree to a licensing charge before obtaining access.

Information is usually supplied in digital form. In some cases it will also be necessary to visit to view items only available in hard copy.

Make an enquiry

How long will my enquiry take?

Straightforward enquiries will be processed within 10 working days of us receiving the registration form. More complex enquiries may take longer.

A priority service is available for an extra fee to provide information within two working days. We cannot guarantee to provide this service at all times.

What if my request is complex?

We reserve the right to request a written proposal:

  • for complex or poorly structured consultations
  • where the purpose of the enquiry is unclear or harmful

The written proposal must have a reasoned justification for the information sought. This helps us assess the purpose of the request and impact on workload.

We reserve the right to decline requests where required. This includes if there is reason to believe supplying the information would endanger the historic environment or where there has been a previous failure to follow HER guidelines. We will not disclose confidential information.

Copyright information

You must abide by all copyright restrictions for data held in the HER. Information must only be used by the user and for the purposes specified on the enquiry registration form. You must get written consent for any other use of the data and for passing it on to a third party. We reserve all rights of copyright owned in the material provided.

You will need to inform the HER of new sites or information which come to light as a result of your research.

There is no right of public access to historic sites. You must get permission for access from the landowner.

Commercial charges

We charge for:

  • licensing the commercial re-use of HER information
  • processing complex non-commercial consultations
  • advice given in our role as specialist archaeological advisors to local planning authorities

For further details and charging rates please refer to the service specification and schedule of charges.

A charge for staff time may be made for late cancellation (less than 24 hour's notice) or failure to cancel a pre-arranged appointment.


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